10 Best Scanning Service Providers

By NE Docs | September 29, 2014

New England Document Systems was recently reviewed by TopTenReviews.com as they sought to compile a top 10 list of the best document scanning services in the country. After a few months of rigorous research and comparisons, the results are in – and New England Document Systems is proud to listed as one of 2014’s Best Document Scanning Services! download

Feel free to read an in-depth overview of New England Document Systems (written by the lovely folks over at TopTenReviews.com).

“New England Document Systems, or NEdocs, is a regional, national and international company that offers a wide array of professional document scanning services. Many of these services are available nationwide, although a few, like secure truck transit, are confined to the New England area.

NEdocs can scan your text or handwritten documents and make them searchable. The company can scan your documents at your work site if regulations do not allow you to let them leave your facility. NEdocs also provides a long list of other document imaging features, such as secure truck transit and shipping, thorough document preparation, indexing for easy document retrieval, electronic document management system integration, cloud data storage and backup, ongoing digital mail room scanning, customer site scanning, long-term storage of paper files and secure document destruction.”

We are proud to have been recognized as one of 2014’s best scanning service providers, and we look forward to doing the same in 2015!

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