10 Ways to be More Productive at Work

By NE Docs | May 28, 2014

Here at New England Document Systems, we are constantly helping companies across New England to be more productive and efficient. From AP pre-processing & automation solutions, to our document scanning and management services, we are no strangers to improving workplace productivity. However, not all improvements come from new business processes and superior outsourced services. Some of the most important and profound improvements for workplace productivity can be implemented right at your desk.

In order to become a more efficient employee, we have compiled 10 sure-fire ways to enhance your workplace productivity.

10 ways to be more productive at work:

1. Make A To-Do List: The most important elements of workplace productivity include organization and time management – both of which benefit from keeping a detailed to-do list. By organizing your daily tasks, you will be able to prioritize activities and better delegate your time, resulting in a more productive work day. You should plan out your to-do list at the end of your shift, preparing your activities for the following day. This will help you recap your completed activities and will decrease morning downtime.

2. Don’t Multitask: Multi-tasking can be a touchy subject. The idea of working on multiple activities at once seems like a productive choice – but more often than not it will spell disaster for productivity. Instead, prioritize your to do list, and focus on accomplishing one task at a time. Determine which projects are most important, and which projects will yield the highest results. Attacking your to-do list one item at a time will ensure accuracy, timeliness, and increase your overall productivity.

3. Lose Distractions: There are countless distractions in the workplace – and many of them are easy to control. Two of the major productivity offenders are mobile phones and the internet. In order to keep distractions at a minimum, try keeping your phone in your desk. This will reduce your urge to check messages, and keep you focused on the task at hand.

Web browsing is another major distraction in the workplace. If you have access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social network or popular news source – try to limit the time you spend visiting these sites. There are many tools available to help you curb wasted web time – such as StayFocused. StayFocused is a web application that will allow you to set time limits on certain sites. Setting appropriate limits will cut down on time spent wasted online, and will ultimately help you accomplish more during your work day.

4. Be Active: Being active and healthy is a critical step in becoming more productive. If you are having difficulties focusing while at work, exercise can provide the release you may need. Exercising helps to increase brain activity, and will do wonders for your creativity and confidence. If you find yourself struggling to stay productive, try stretching or going for a quick walk.

5. Eat Right: Eating healthy is extremely important. Whether it is breakfast in the morning or smart snack choices throughout the day, eating well can help boost your memory, energy levels, and brain function. Consider healthy brain foods such as dark leafy greens, eggs, bananas, green tea, and other nutritious snacks. Sugary foods, such as soda and candy, should be avoided at all costs. Consuming junk food will result in lower energy levels, and can cause serious issues relating to your focus and performance.

6. Sleep: Getting a good night sleep is not only helpful in becoming more productive at work – it is helpful in all areas of life. Establishing a healthy sleep schedule will help decrease your stress levels, increase memory retention, and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. Not only will you be more rested, but your body will rely less on caffeine to keep it going. Decreasing your coffee intake and increasing your energy levels is a win/win.

7. Stop Procrastinating: We all have projects and/or responsibilities that we would rather do first. Perhaps you enjoy one activity over another. It is in our nature to avoid difficult tasks, both in and out of the workplace. However, in order to become more productive at work, you should consider tackling the most difficult tasks first. If you can accomplish the more “daunting tasks” of your day first thing in the morning, you will ensure that these important tasks are not pushed back. By tackling difficult tasks first, you will also find yourself with a more enjoyable and manageable afternoon.

8. Get Organized: From your desk to your to-do list, you need to get organized. Organization is a common practice for accomplished professionals. However, not all of us are born to color code and keep track. For those that lack the “organization” gene, there are plenty of useful apps to assist you. Make use of technology to get the most out of your workday.

9. Take a Break: No matter how busy you are – it is important to clear your mind and stretch those legs. Periodically taking a 5 to 10 minute break away from your desk can do wonders for your productivity. Consider going for a short walk or a having quick conversation with a co-worker. Taking brief breaks will keep you relaxed, refocus your attention span, and will generally alleviate work stress.

10. Use Your Time: When implemented correctly, the above steps will help you to become more productive at work. However, what you do with this new found time is also important. A productive employee will use their time to accomplish more tasks. Whether you utilize this time for creative thinking, process improvements, or to take on additional responsibilities, you will quickly become a more valued employee.

New England Document Systems has been helping companies become more productive since 1983. To learn how NEdocs can help improve the productivity of your business, contact us today.

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