9 Tips for Improving Productivity at Work

By NE Docs | October 26, 2015


Keeping motivated and productive at work can be a struggle. Sure, you like your job…but it can be hard to hit the ground running every day. So how can you make your working environment more productive? We have compiled 9 unique ways to get the most of your work week.

Tips for Improving Productivity at Work:

1. Planning

Having a to-do list can do wonders for your productivity. Take 15 minutes before you leave work to clean your desk and prioritize tasks for the following day. This will help keep you on track while helping you review what you have achieved so far.

2. Blocking Out Time

Shifting between tasks is a great way to keep you more engaged in your work. Try delegating activities to certain time frames and alternate between them to keep your activities feeling consistently fresh.

3. Taking a Break

There is much to be said about a well-deserved break. In order for the mind to remain productive, it is important to take short breaks every so often. In addition to its productivity benefits, taking a break to stretch or grab a drink will also do wonders for your stress levels while reducing common physical issues associated with life in the office, such as eye strain.

4. Organizing

Staying organized should be an obvious solution for improving productivity. By organizing your files, emails, tasks, and priorities, you will ensure a more productive day. Try implementing a checklist, sorting your emails, and keeping a clean desk. Organization should be part of your planning schedule.

5. Eliminating Distractions

Avoiding distractions can seem like an impossible task. However, sometimes something as simple as listening to music can help drown out office sounds and drive focus back to the task at hand. Consider adopting some focusing strategies, such as closing your door, working to relaxing music, and taking breaks!

6. Eating Right

Eating well and staying hydrated play important roles for the productive individual. Making sure that you are not fatigued will not only improve productivity, it will improve all aspects of your life. Incorporate snacks and healthy eating habits into your schedule and you will find that you are more awake, alert, and capable of achieving much more throughout the day.

7. Improving Communication

Improving how you communicate is one of the best ways to ensure productivity. By communicating thoughts in a clear and concise way, you will help ensure that your message is received, reducing the likelihood of errors while saving valuable time.

8. Delegating Tasks

While not every professional reading this article will have available staff, those that do should capitalize on their situation. Having staff that can take on certain tasks can be a massive boost to your productivity levels. As long as the tasks being delegated are clearly communicated and managed, divvying up responsibilities can be a great tool for accomplishing even more in your work day.

9. Automating Processes

Why perform simple manual tasks over and over again? Tasks that can be automated should be automated, in order to save time and in the long run, save money. Tasks that streamline processes should be investigated so that you are able to free up more time for valued work.


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