About NE Docs

Loyalty Gained through Quality & Committed Service

Founded in 1983, New England Document Systems has over 30 years of assisting businesses with their document management needs. With a combination of document imaging, storage services, and AP Automation, NEdocs has established itself as a proud leader in an ever-evolving, and extremely exciting industry.

Beyond setting up our partners with the means to keep ahead of the constantly changing needs of modern business, NEdocs is also an independent service bureau. As such, we offer our customers the option to utilize our highly trained, passionate staff for the demands of their particular document management needs.

Our pursuit of excellence can be found in everything from the quality of our products to the relationships and trust we have established with our customers and employees alike. Just ask our staff—We are proud to say that more than 50% of our employees have been with us for over 5 years, almost 20% over 15 years, and 20% over 20 years! We take great pride in the longevity and accumulated knowledge of our employees. It’s there you’ll find the key to our ability to maximize the benefits of our services to our customers.

Our Document Management Industry Roots

Our roots are similar to that of the document management industry as a whole. NEdocs started by providing microfilming for medical and business records. As the industry progressed, NEdocs followed suit by integrating the best technological advances into an evolving set of services. This has allowed our customers to leverage the advancements in the document management industry most suited to their environment.

NE Docs Today

Today, our extensive list of satisfied clients ranges from small and mid-size firms to Fortune 500 companies, in a broad range of industries including medical, financial, business, retail and education. By growing with an industry that is constantly changing and shifting, NEdocs has grown from a small Microfilming company servicing New England, into a leader in document management, servicing the world.