NE Docs Business Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed up by a word that may not seem to make a lot of sense, at first glance: SPRINKLES.

How does a word like “Sprinkles” sum up our product philosophy? Simple; there is nothing plain or vanilla about the needs of our customers, or the products and services we provide them.

In working with clients, we are often asked “should we outsource this solution or purchase the products for our in-house use?”, to which our simple answer is YES!

Whatever your company is comfortable with, NEdocs can provide a partnership to accommodate. Whether we provide the entire process on your behalf – as only a company with our expertise and customer-focused service can offer – or assist you with a progressive, in-house strategy – whatever direction you choose to go, we will make it a successful one.

Strictly Archiving Records? Complete Mail Room Services? You Decide!


In some cases, clients may begin by strictly archiving their records after they’re processed, only to find that a front end solution through our Mail-Room Services is a better fit. It’s not unusual for clients to want a combination of scanning and off-site record storage services in our secure environment, and we are more than happy to accommodate any kind of specific plan built for you and your company.

SPRINKLES – With so many document management companies and solutions on the market today, it’s the extra attention, service and quality that has set NEdocs apart from vanilla.