Why Choose NE Docs?

A Leader in Document Imaging

As a top value-added reseller of Digitech systems, among the most established, respected names in document scanning and imaging software, we have extensive experience in installing and maintaining the superior document management solutions we provide. We also use these same systems at our own facility, scanning millions of customer documents each month.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether you scan your own documents or we do it for you, our scanning services deliver cost-effective solutions designed to enhance office productivity by allowing you to better utilize your employee resources for more important tasks. No more wasted time searching through paper files- you can have fast access to your documents when you need them. It’s as simple as that.

A Leader in Accounts Payable Automation

With a focus on providing “best in breed” software solutions, NEdocs brings you industry leading solutions for Invoice Automation. This product, coupled with NEdocs AP Mailroom for invoices, enables companies to significantly lower their invoice processing costs and enhance their overall financial management. With decades of experience in document and content management, NEdocs offers the ideal combination of expertise and technology to assist you in streamlining your accounts payable procedures and reducing costs.

The Best Customer Service

As a privately owned company, NEdocs is able to provide a higher level of customer service to quickly meet the individual needs of our customers. All our customers have direct access to key decision-makers, and with round-the-clock staffing, we can ensure that you have your scanned images exactly when you need them. Whether you’re scanning your own documents or managing document workflow, our Help Desk staff is on call to answer your questions and work through any system issues that may arise.

Complete Security & Disaster Protection

Protecting the integrity and longevity of your documents is critical to your business operations. As such, security is paramount in all of our processes and services. We make a redundant copy of your data for storage in our secured, climate-controlled vault within our Records Center, so in the case of any unforeseen disaster or circumstance, you’ll never be without your valuable data. The security of your documents is also ensured by the audit trail procedures and policies built into all our products that ensure compliance for both HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.