Accounts Payable Mailroom: Enhanced, Expanded, and Streamlined with Kodak

By NE Docs | July 1, 2014

Front-end Accounts Payable (AP) pre-processing mailroom services are a featured solution and significant portion of New England Document Systems’ service bureau operations. Over the years, as this line of business grew, NEdocs know it needed to research and purchase new scanners to gradually replace older models.

Kodak Document Scanning Case Study

View the full Kodak case study here.

New England Document Systems required:

  • Optimal operation in AP pre-processing and back-end scanning areas at faster rated speeds
  • Durable, issue-free scanning over multiple shifts – handling millions of images every month
  • Superior image quality
  • Seamless compatibility with PaperVision Capture and Vision360 Enterprise software
  • Reduced time spend on quality control and re-scanning

In order to meet these strict mandatories for their new scanners, NEdocs purchased new Ngenuity 9125 and i5600 Kodak Scanners, creating a stronger front-end to provide expanded pre-processing mailroom services to existing and new clients.

“We essentially become our client’s Accounts Payable front-end receiving system for their vendor invoices,” Kelly Plourde, Sales Executive, explained. “No matter how their documents originate: paper, e-mail, or other electronic means, we scan and enter them into an automated workflow and make all the data available to the client electronically. They achieve a full automated accounts payable process without giving up any control.”

The Ngenuity 9125 Scanners have proven themselves and demonstrated great ongoing performance over time,” Bob Camire, Director of Operations at NEdocs, stated. “That’s why we have added more to our fleet and invested in the Kodak i5600 Scanners. Between the significantly improved speeds and productivity, trouble-free operation, and image quality that our clients live, I cannot imagine better front-end capture hardware for AP and other solutions we offer.”

With the help of Kodak, New England Document Systems was able to:

  • Initiate an extremely smooth and hassle-free integration of scanners with automation software
  • Keep up with the growing volume demands and continuously increasing AP pre-processing service business
  • Reduce time spent on quality assurance and re-scanning
  • Improve flow-through rates of up to 50%
  • Reduce clients’ operational costs and overhead by as much as 70% – and cut paper storage costs by up to 90%

To learn more how Kodak empowers NEdocs’ AP Automation solutions – check out the case study from Kodak!

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