What is Backfile Conversion?

By NE Docs | January 28, 2015

What is Backfile Conversion

A backfile is essentially any archived or saved file within your organization. Backfile conversion, or backfile scanning, is the act of replacing these documents with digital copies or images. By using high speed scanning methods, companies are able to convert their documents into easy to manage digital files. While scanning and converting all incoming paper is a critical step in going paperless – many would consider converting old files to be a more daunting task.

Truth About Backfile Conversion Projects

Whether you are looking to convert old medical charts, HR records, or AP invoices – scanning for a backfile project can be particularly complicated.

Files must first be prepared for scanning. This includes removing staples, taping small pages, etc. Documents must also be organized in a meaningful and useful way before they make it into an electronic management system. Once the preparation is complete, the files must be processed and captured as images. While this seems easy – most scanners are not built to handle thousands of images a day….and high volume scanners can cost a pretty penny. But do not worry – outsourcing your backfile conversion projects will allow your staff to stay focused on more valued tasks while professionals handle your scanning needs.

Benefits of Backfile Conversion

  • There are several benefits to backfile conversion, including:
  • Being able to instantly access and share converted files
  • Reduce paper, costs, and risks associated with traditional filing
  • Does not require the investment of expensive equipment
  • Reduce occupied office space
  • Provides a long term solution for document storage and retention
  • Improve efficiency with instant access to highly organized data

Are you looking to convert your backfiles? Ask us how we can help get you started today!

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