Benefits of a Paperless Office – Give Your Company Super Powers

By NE Docs | May 11, 2014

For many, the idea of a paperless office is all about going green and protecting the environment. However, there are many additional benefits to a paperless office – and reducing an organization’s use of paper is just the beginning. Going paperless and improving your document management strategies will do wonders for your bottom line. It will allow you to cut costs, improve efficiencies, enhance security, and so much more. In fact, going paperless will give your company super powers.

Paperless Office Super Powers

Super Speed: Just like the Flash, a paperless office experiences a significant improvement in speed. With a great Enterprise Content Management system in place, electronic documents can be searched for and retrieved in seconds. Consider the time it takes for an employee to sift through a multitude of filing cabinets just to find a few documents. With document management software in place, your employees will work more efficiently as they can find and distribute important documentation instantaneously.

Omniscience (accessibility): Professor Charles Francis Xavier is the notorious leader and founder of the X-Men. His power? Telepathy. Professor X is able to communicate with others regardless of where they are in the world – he is able to access the minds of others, and communicate regardless of physical location. While going paperless will not give you the ability to read minds or arm you with other psionic powers – it will give your team the ability to access any document at any time.

Security: Okay – so, security is not a “traditional” super power. However, Batman is known for his role as the protector of Gotham. Batman guards his city from external threats – a paperless office guards your valuable and sensitive documentation. By using a document management system, you will be able to store your all of your files on a secure server, protect your information with passwords and authorized access, and keep track of every file with detailed audit trails.

Super-Size: Apache Chief, the Native American superhero from Super Friends, and the Incredible Hulk have one thing in common – they are each able to transform into a powerful colossus. Growth, or scalability, is important to companies as well. Not only should you be mindful of current processes, but also how these processes will develop as your company grows. A paperless office with the proper management software will find that they are better equipped to handle change. Should your company grow, so will the amount of employee records, payroll, invoices, etc.

Business Development: Business development is not a super power…but the “super human” community is not devoid of powerful business men. Lex Luthor, Lucious Fox, and Tony Stark are all members of the superhero realm – and they are all successful business minds. With the time and money saved from a paperless office, your staff can spend their time more productively. With more time and resources available, executives can focus their efforts on business development, helping to ensure the future success of their organizations.

Saving the Environment: Captain Planet is the go-to superhero for saving the environment. It should go without saying that a paperless office is a positive way to help the environment. Going paperless means less paper consumption and less paper waste. Going green is a fantastic way to help reduce pollution while boosting your status in the community.

Time- Manipulation (disaster recovery): Remember when Superman turns back time? In case you do not recall – it was an iconic moment of the 1978 classic Superman, starring Christopher Reeves. In the film, he flies around the earth in order to reverse time, and prevent the death of Lois Lane. While a paperless office will not turn back time, it will provide you with disaster recovery with automated backups and redundant copies.

Shrinking: The Atom, a superhero who debuted in 1961, is able to shrink himself to microscopic size. Just as The Atom is able to manipulate his molecular density to reduce his size, going paperless will be able to reduce the size of your onsite records storage. In a paperless office, you will be able to immediately scan and electronically store all of your documentation – freeing up valuable office space while significantly reducing office clutter and time spent sifting through it.

In addition to the above “super powers”, a paperless office enjoys several other benefits, including:

Better Customer & Vendor Service: Being able to quickly access your vendor or customer data makes for better customer service. A document management system will provide you with faster access to important invoices, orders, etc. – allowing your company to respond to questions and provide world-class customer service.

Process Consistency: There are many businesses that are required to follow specific processes when it comes to record keeping. For example, many institutions are required to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or HIPPA. A paperless office can assist companies establish a strict process to ensure compliance in the event of an audit.

ROI: For many the investment of going paperless is associated with spending more money – not less. Fortunately, a paperless office can quickly pay for itself. These savings are found throughout multiple components of a business. By improving workflow, adjusting staff, and increasing efficiency, companies will be able to achieve significant savings.

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