NEdocs is inducted into Digitech Systems’ “Circle of Excellence”

Manchester, NH – March, 31, 2016 – New England Document Systems (NEdocs), provider of document management solutions, workflow automation, and offsite record storage, has been inducted into Digitech Systems’ “Circle of Excellence” for 2016. This is the 5th time that NEdocs has held this honor. The “Circle of Excellence” honors the top 10 performing, most supportive, value-added… Read More »

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In 2015, data protection is undoubtedly a major priority for companies and organizations of all sizes. As data breaches continue to increase in volume and frequency, organizations across the world have set out to better mitigate these risks and keep personal information safe. One such effort is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation… Read More »

Just How Important is Process Visibility?

Process visibility is extraordinarily important to the success of any organization. Every business owner knows that without their processes, there is no business. Unfortunately, if your processes are not efficient, you run the risk of making errors, alienating customers/vendors and losing money. Despite the integral role that process plays in every company, a majority of… Read More »

Streamline Your Multi-Location Business

Running a multiple site operation comes with its fair share of challenges. In order to meet the ever-changing demands and tight profit margins required to be successful, there is an increasing need for multi-location businesses to improve their operational efficiency. Many companies have found one solution in their Accounts Payable department. Rather than dealing with… Read More »

NEdocs Receives SOC II Type II Report

In order to better assist our customers in meeting their information security requirements, we have recently completed a SOC II Type II audit covering the Security and Availability Trust Services Principles for our document scanning and records storage solutions in Hooksett, NH. In doing so, NEdocs has become one of the first SOC II Type II audited… Read More »

Who’s Got Spirit?

New England Document Systems recently celebrated their first ever Spirit Week. Needless to say, it was a big hit! Whether it was Maroon Monday or Flannel Friday, the team showed up rocking their themed outfits and representing their NEdocs pride. The week long activity, organized by Wellness Coordinator Joey Tomacchio, brought several days of company… Read More »

Boston Went Paperless: How Did It Turn Out?

Back in 2011, Boston, MA set off on a quest to reduce their paper consumption. The city had decided to launch its paperless efforts with the intent of creating a more transparent and accessible city council. In order to enhance their current practices, the City Council planned to: Make documents/agendas available online Live stream meetings… Read More »

Key Elements of Successful Document Storage

Document archiving, or document storage, is a very important step in the document management process. Once a file is no longer “active”, it is sent to archiving for retention. Years ago, this involved printing files and physically storing them in filing cabinets and storage rooms. Today, businesses are retaining their documents electronically, enhancing the process… Read More »

HR Compliance: Human Resource Challenges

Your HR staff has plenty to worry about. In fact, the duties of your Human Resources department can directly impact your bottom line. With a major focus on legal compliance and the competitive nature of today’s business world, HR Managers are dealing with some extraordinarily important details. Whether you employ 5 or 5 million employees,… Read More »