Oh DAM (Document Asset Management)

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)? If you take the phrase literally – a “digital asset” would be classified as any electronic media that provides some level of value to an organization. However, DAM is much more than just valuable media. It can be summarized as the rules/processes for managing, storing, accessing, and distributing digital… Read More »

Top Strategic Technology Trends in 2014

Back in October, Gartner produced a list of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. These technologies were listed due to their potential to significantly impact business processes and the working world as we know it. According to Gartner’s list, these technologies should be top of mind when evaluating current business processes and strategic… Read More »

Why Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Need an ECM System

An electronic health record, sometimes referred to as an electronic medical record, is a collection of health information retained in a digital format. These files are able to be stored and managed through the implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system. These record systems have seen a continued interest and investment from healthcare facilities… Read More »

Important Accounts Payable Metrics

Is your Accounts Payable department performing at its best? How can you tell? In order to be successful, organizations should strive for continuous improvements and establish evolving objectives to push innovation, efficiency, and success. However, identifying areas for improvement and implementing change can be difficult without first understanding your current situation. Your accounts payable department… Read More »

Social Media & Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

When it comes to social media and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, there are a number of unique challenges that companies face due to the collaborative and ever-changing nature of social media content. Some of the challenges facing companies who wish to incorporate social media into their content management strategies include: Keeping records from multiple… Read More »

How to Evaluate Document Scanning Prices

As you begin your company’s journey towards eliminating its paper burden – there are many questions to consider. What files are you going to digitize? Who is going to scan the files? How are these electronic files going to be transferred? How will they be managed? While each of these inquiries are important in your… Read More »

Protect Your Books with Scanning

Research firms, biotech/pharmaceutical companies, schools, and countless other organizations all share the same pain – the need to preserve and archive unique content contained within books and laboratory notebooks alike. Businesses that wish to protect their books will find that scanning is the best and only way to ensure the longevity of their documents. Once… Read More »