Acquisition Due Diligence Simplified

Implementing a document management solution can be extremely beneficial when navigating the merger and acquisition process. During an acquisition, the acquiring party must choose how important documents (HR files, contracts, invoices, loans, etc.) will be managed and shared with a variety of internal teams (legal, finance, sales, HR, etc.). These records will then adopt the… Read More »

Are Electronic Signatures Legal?

According to the FDIC Compliance Manual, electronic signatures are, “…any electronic…symbol or process attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the [electronic] record.” E-signatures allow users to sign electronic documents with just a few simple clicks. With the proper… Read More »

Why Scan to TIFF

If you are converting your physical files into electronic images, then you may have encountered the term TIFF, or Tagged Image File Format. While many professionals have never heard the term TIFF, it is a common file format found in the realm of document scanning/conversion. In our last article, Why Scan to PDF, we discussed… Read More »

Why Scan to PDF

In the world of document management, it is impossible to avoid the word PDF. If you are currently looking to improve your business processes through document scanning, you must first choose the proper file format for your converted records – PDF or TIFF. Many of us have interacted with PDF documents in our professional lives;… Read More »

Document Scanning Myths: 10 File Conversion Fallacies

Electronic document management systems are the future of record storage, document management, and file protection. Implementing a document management solution will help cut costs, improve efficiency, and help protect your valuable data. However, before you can revolutionize your document management processes, you must first tackle the formidable task of converting physical documents to electronic files.… Read More »

What is Outsourcing & When Should You Do It?

The term “outsourcing” is not often associated with positive sentiments. The general conception of outsourcing involves the loss of local jobs in order to obtain a cheaper labor cost outside of the country or region. However, not all outsourcing is the same. Whether it is a call center, a consulting firm, or even a document… Read More »

The War on Paper [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ROI from paper-free processes can be extraordinary. From improved process efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced security, and decreased labor costs, document management solutions can provide a wealth of value to your organization. Yet, despite the multitude of benefits, progress towards a paperless business economy is slow. Here are some facts straight from AIIM in regards… Read More »

A Brief History of Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud computing is older than you think. In our last blog post “What is Cloud Computing”, we covered the basics of what cloud computing is, and the different types of cloud computing we see most often today. However, despite its recent buzz and widespread application, cloud computing is much older than most… Read More »

Timberland Corporation’s Serv-A-Palooza

Employees of NEdocs participated in Timberland’s annual Serv-A-Palooza Community Service day where company employees spend an entire day volunteering at various schools, parks and other community locations. NEdocs assisted with the Gossler Park Elementary School in Manchester, NH on September 19, 2013 where the team created a new playground, built an outdoor classroom, created a… Read More »

What is Cloud Computing: An Introduction to the Cloud

Cloud computing has undeniably secured its seat as a future player in the world of technology. Unfortunately, cloud computing is also a term we have all heard ad nauseam over the last few years, echoed in a slew of business adverts and tossed around as a value added proposition by companies large and small. From… Read More »