Boost Profits with AP Automation & Payment Processing

By NE Docs | April 27, 2021

Boost Profits with AP Automation & Payment Processing

Generally, the most labor-intensive task of any accounting department is accounts payable. Ask any Accounting Team and chances are, they’ll tell you they dread this tedious, ongoing task. The many facets of AP processing take time and money away from more important aspects of the business.

The solution is AP Automation with Payment Processing!

AP Automation Refresh

AP Automation is a closed-loop solution where all vendor invoices are sent directly to New England Document Solutions (NEdocs). Everything is digitized and imported into our proprietary software, Vision360 Enterprise by Bluecreek Software. The experts at NEdocs promise quality assurance and accuracy validation based on a robust set of pre-established rules.

NEdocs partners closely with Bluecreek Software to provide total enterprise solutions to medium and large companies. Together we offer customized digital document management solutions for our customers that easily integrate with their ERP and accounting software.

We have also partnered with cPayPlus Solutions for invoice payments which completes our streamlined AP payment processing solution start-to-finish!

AP Automation with Payment Processing Turns Your AP Department into a Profit Center!

Many AP departments leave money on the table by failing to take advantage of pre-pay and early payment discounts and rebates. Inefficient AP processing also results in late fees, costing your company even more.

AP Profits with AP Automation & Payment Processing

AP Automation with Payment Processing streamlines and simplifies vendor payments so you never miss an opportunity to save money or receive a rebate. Everything works digitally from capture and approval, to processing, filing, and reporting. No more paper checks, routing delays and items getting lost in the mail. You will never miss a due date again with AP Automation!

Another bonus is the elimination of document storage costs and systems. Government compliance requires document retention based on specific guidelines. Within a short time, all your documents can be stored digitally without the need for paper records, saving you even more money.

When fully implemented, AP Automation turns your AP Department into a profit center!

How AP Automation Saves Oodles of Time

Entering invoices into your account system and paying vendors by check are tedious and time-consuming tasks. Our experienced team of professionals uses automated tools such as optical character reading (OCR) software to read and process invoice data instantly.

Our Vision360 Software integrates seamlessly with your ERP solution and uses workflow rules for processing. Invoice notifications are sent directly to the buyer for approval without the need for AP staff intervention. You can then choose to process payments in-house or use our cPayPlus powered payment solution to complete the AP Automation loop.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential!

Manual invoice entry and check processing are tedious and slow. NEdocs’ AP Automation service allows your staff to process batch invoices quickly and easily. When you convert to AP Automation, your AP staff can focus on more valuable analytical and operational work, helping them unlock their real potential!

Our optimized AP Automation service also provides peace of mind by assisting with compliance, mitigating risk, and preventing fraud.

It’s Seamless!

AP Automation seamlessly integrates with your accounting system, eliminating the need for manual entry and human error. NEdocs also works directly with your vendors so there’s zero disruption. Robust reporting capabilities make evaluation quick and easy, freeing up valuable time for more critical financial analysis thus empowering you to focus on the bigger picture.

The Bottom Line

Have you already been looking into AP Automation? Don’t delay another year “studying the cost/benefit” when you can ask experts your questions any time. Simply contact New England Document Systems online today or call (603) 625-1171 to learn more about how our clients are improving their bottom lines with AP Automation.


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