Boston Went Paperless: How Did It Turn Out?

By NE Docs | September 21, 2015

Boston Went Paperless How Did It Turn Out

Back in 2011, Boston, MA set off on a quest to reduce their paper consumption. The city had decided to launch its paperless efforts with the intent of creating a more transparent and accessible city council.

In order to enhance their current practices, the City Council planned to:

  • Make documents/agendas available online
  • Live stream meetings
  • Create a searchable video database
  • Provide each Boston councilor with a touchscreen tablet for use during meetings

After an initial investment of $35,000, and a planned $23,000 annual cost for maintenance/hosting, the Boston Paperless Project was estimated to save the city $35,000 a year. Officials believed that the implementation of electronic document management would reduce labor hours and paper related costs.

According to Michael P. Ross in a Boston Globe article, It will allow for more transparency. Not only will they be gaining immediate access to real-time information, they will also be saving money.

So how has Boston’s paperless efforts held up?

In an effort to showcase just how effective going paperless can be, we have reached out to the City Council for some updated statistics. Stay tuned as we wait for the news on the current state of Boston’s paperless push. We will be sure to update this post with the stats as soon as they come in!

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