Can Your Company Survive a Disaster?

By NE Docs | June 5, 2015

Can Your Company Survive a Disaster

No matter where your business might be located, your organization is susceptible to natural disasters. From hurricanes to blizzards, fires to floods, natural disasters wreak havoc on business communities.

In 2014, the US experienced 8 weather related disaster events – each with losses exceeding $1 billion. Similarly, the snow storms experienced across the Northeast had significant economic impacts. For Massachusetts, a single day would cost roughly $265 million.

The Cost of a Natural Disaster

For most companies, however, a loss in sales or productivity is only the tip of the iceberg. Considering that:

  • 80% of businesses that suffer a major disaster go out of business in 3 years
  • 44% of companies that experience a fire fail to reopen
  • 93% of companies that lose their data center for 10+ days due to disasters file for bankruptcy in under a year
  • 50% of businesses that lose data management capabilities for 10+ days fil for bankruptcy immediately

Natural disasters are not only responsible for extreme monetary losses…they destroy companies.

Protecting What Matters Most

While the wrath of Mother Nature may be unavoidable, there is one way to keep your business and its files secure against the elements  – a cloud-based ECM system. By implementing a cloud-based ECM system, you can significantly reduce risks, streamline processes, and access information even under extreme weather conditions.

Thankfully, your business can survive a natural disaster, even if the physical building does not. With a cloud-based ECM system, you can plan for unpredictable circumstances, and keep your business up and running.

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