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The Digital Mailroom: Does your enterprise have the advantage?

Any organization today should consider implementing a digital mailroom when volumes of incoming email and paper mail start to burden the company with excessive document processing costs. Perhaps you’ve reached this point in your business but don’t know where to begin. Well, your current mailroom is the place to start the process of digital mailroom… Read More »

Accounts Payable Operations – AP Workflow – Starting the Conversation with Potential Providers

Once a Company starts contacting Accounts Payable Workflow Providers, it enters the Potential Provider’s sales cycle. Listen carefully, ask detailed questions, and take notes. As expected, the Company will hear all the benefits of implementing that Provider’s AP Workflow System. A Company may walk away from such a conversation feeling like that system can process… Read More »

Accounts Payable Operations – AP Automation – A Phased-In Approach

When I first started managing an Accounts Payable team, the biggest challenge was managing the paper which included obtaining approvals and resolution for exception invoices from various locations. Too much time was being spent on opening mail, printing invoices received by email, sorting between Purchase Order and Non-PO related invoices then copying or scanning the… Read More »