Category: Automation

The Digital Mailroom – Your Solution for Workflow Efficiency

Manual tasks steal time from the workday, cause delays, and introduce errors to your business processes. They also cost you money. Automating these tasks can create predictability and improve ROI by controlling the workflows. Take for example, the mailroom – an entry point to your company that is often a bottleneck and a hinderance to… Read More »

Choosing Security-Audited Technology Partners

How can you help assure that your data is safe and secure? Increasingly, companies of every size face security threats that pose risks to their business continuity. Approximately 37% of global organizations said they were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021, according to IDC’s “2021 Ransomware Study.” The FBI’s Internet Crime… Read More »

Achieving the Higher Education We Deserve

COVID brought to light new improvement opportunities for educational organizations. After the pandemic struck, their legacy training methods and limited technology resources were no longer equipped for preparing their graduates to work for companies operating in today’s lean, agile, digital environment. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) noted, “Economic uncertainty often causes employers… Read More »