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Digitization and Automation Drive Healthcare Efficiencies

  In today’s highly competitive healthcare environment, organizational efficiency is critical. Forrester Research noted that “81% of executives surveyed agreed that operational efficiencies are a priority to improve profitability.” The industry-wide issues include reducing costs, increasing visibility, and pursuing better vendor management. The keys to achieving these business-critical objectives reside in two areas; Accounts Payable… Read More »

Streamlining HR Processes for Staff Shortages

Doing More with Less The number one complaint we are hearing from Human Resource professionals today goes something like this, “Lack of qualified staff is a huge issue right now. Streamlining is essential, so we can do more with less people.” Streamlining processes is important when you have fewer employees. Digitizing documents and automating tasks… Read More »

Boston Went Paperless: How Did It Turn Out?

Back in 2011, Boston, MA set off on a quest to reduce their paper consumption. The city had decided to launch its paperless efforts with the intent of creating a more transparent and accessible city council. In order to enhance their current practices, the City Council planned to: Make documents/agendas available online Live stream meetings… Read More »

Enterprise Content Management on the Rise

A recent report from MarketsandMarkets predicts that the Enterprise Content Management market will grow 19.5% over the next 5 years. It is expected that the growth will expand ECM’s current market size of $25 Billion to $60 Billion in 2020. Here is a current look at the ECM market. What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)… Read More »

New England Advisory Firm Reduces AP Processing Time by 40%

As businesses grow, they tend to encounter growing pains. For BlumShapiro, New England’s largest business advisory firm, this involved an increasing volume of invoices. As the firm continued to grow through several acquisitions, their manual processes were becoming increasingly expensive and inefficient. Manually searching for misplaced invoices and handling paper documents proved to be one… Read More »

ROI Calculation

When evaluating a document conversion project, or any other investment for that matter, it is important to understand how to calculate your potential return on investment. ROI calculations are used to evaluate the overall efficiency of your investments and can be used to compare several investment opportunities to identify your best options. What is ROI?… Read More »

A Perfect Critical Supplier Score

Providing quality document management services is our primary concern here at New England Document Systems, which is why we are always extremely pleased to hear how well we are doing! In a recent “supplier evaluation” of NEdocs, our customer gave us perfect score for our performance in 2014! No matter what industry you are in,… Read More »

O’Neil Software & NEdocs

“Partnership…it’s another way to say commitment. Building relationships, reinforcing trust, and utilizing cutting-edge technology. NEdocs understands how important a good partnership is. That’s why their clients stay with them for the long haul.” Here at New England Document Systems, we are committed to forging lasting relationships – built on a commitment to customer service and… Read More »

10 Best Scanning Service Providers

New England Document Systems was recently reviewed by as they sought to compile a top 10 list of the best document scanning services in the country. After a few months of rigorous research and comparisons, the results are in – and New England Document Systems is proud to listed as one of 2014’s Best… Read More »