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Is the Cloud your Success Solution?

It’s a new year, with new possibilities. Has your business made any New Year’s resolutions (goals)? All businesses want to improve productivity while at the same time reducing expenses. In today’s environment in particular, it has become increasingly important to be flexible while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency. One of the ways your… Read More »

The Paperless Office: Zero paper or much less paper?

If you look around the most modern business facilities, you’ll notice less cluttered spaces and the complete absence of space-hogging filing cabinets. Desks are free of paper clutter and people are using tablets and other devices to record and transfer information. Will you find any paper anywhere in these 21st century offices? Well, maybe here… Read More »

Scanning Documents for Security, Retrieval and Storage Longevity

What file type works for YOUR documents? There are right ways and wrong ways to scan printed documents to electronic files formats for safe storage and retrieval. Saving to the wrong file format can introduce software compatibility issues and add too much data, often making file sizes too large for efficient storage. Files that are… Read More »

Document Strategies: Building a Framework

Perhaps the single most complex and difficult strategies to create, implement, and maintain is an enterprise document strategy. With challenges such as company silos, unclear vision, lack of governance, and competing priorities plaguing company culture, it is not difficult to understand why implementing a successful document management system can be such a daunting task. Unfortunately,… Read More »

NEdocs Receives SOC II Type II Report

In order to better assist our customers in meeting their information security requirements, we have recently completed a SOC II Type II audit covering the Security and Availability Trust Services Principles for our document scanning and records storage solutions in Hooksett, NH. In doing so, NEdocs has become one of the first SOC II Type II audited… Read More »

Key Elements of Successful Document Storage

Document archiving, or document storage, is a very important step in the document management process. Once a file is no longer “active”, it is sent to archiving for retention. Years ago, this involved printing files and physically storing them in filing cabinets and storage rooms. Today, businesses are retaining their documents electronically, enhancing the process… Read More »

Being Productive About Document Management

When it comes to properly managing your files, it is important that you remain proactive and productive. Properly managing your documents (a/k/a your data) can help save time, money, and space. Unfortunately, a poorly governed process will undoubtedly result in lost time and money while dealing with mismanaged data and inefficient processes. In order to… Read More »

Enterprise Content Management on the Rise

A recent report from MarketsandMarkets predicts that the Enterprise Content Management market will grow 19.5% over the next 5 years. It is expected that the growth will expand ECM’s current market size of $25 Billion to $60 Billion in 2020. Here is a current look at the ECM market. What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)… Read More »