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10 Best Scanning Service Providers

New England Document Systems was recently reviewed by as they sought to compile a top 10 list of the best document scanning services in the country. After a few months of rigorous research and comparisons, the results are in – and New England Document Systems is proud to listed as one of 2014’s Best… Read More »

Why Scan to TIFF

If you are converting your physical files into electronic images, then you may have encountered the term TIFF, or Tagged Image File Format. While many professionals have never heard the term TIFF, it is a common file format found in the realm of document scanning/conversion. In our last article, Why Scan to PDF, we discussed… Read More »

Why Scan to PDF

In the world of document management, it is impossible to avoid the word PDF. If you are currently looking to improve your business processes through document scanning, you must first choose the proper file format for your converted records – PDF or TIFF. Many of us have interacted with PDF documents in our professional lives;… Read More »

Document Scanning Myths: 10 File Conversion Fallacies

Electronic document management systems are the future of record storage, document management, and file protection. Implementing a document management solution will help cut costs, improve efficiency, and help protect your valuable data. However, before you can revolutionize your document management processes, you must first tackle the formidable task of converting physical documents to electronic files.… Read More »

The War on Paper [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ROI from paper-free processes can be extraordinary. From improved process efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced security, and decreased labor costs, document management solutions can provide a wealth of value to your organization. Yet, despite the multitude of benefits, progress towards a paperless business economy is slow. Here are some facts straight from AIIM in regards… Read More »

How to Scan with Your iPhone

Whether you are at home or in the office, there is still an abundance of physical paper – easily misplaced and inconvenient to manage/store. While a document scanning solution is recommended for businesses with a wealth of important files to convert – your own personal needs may be better served by scanning documents or photos… Read More »

Document Scanning Quiz

Is your company currently considering the benefits of going paperless? Can a document scanning solution improve your business? Document scanning and management solutions can breathe new life into your current paper intensive processes. From Accounts Payable to Human Resources – you will be able to reduce labor costs, increase information security, and improve the overall… Read More »

How to Evaluate Document Scanning Prices

As you begin your company’s journey towards eliminating its paper burden – there are many questions to consider. What files are you going to digitize? Who is going to scan the files? How are these electronic files going to be transferred? How will they be managed? While each of these inquiries are important in your… Read More »

Protect Your Books with Scanning

Research firms, biotech/pharmaceutical companies, schools, and countless other organizations all share the same pain – the need to preserve and archive unique content contained within books and laboratory notebooks alike. Businesses that wish to protect their books will find that scanning is the best and only way to ensure the longevity of their documents. Once… Read More »