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Key Elements of Successful Document Storage

Document archiving, or document storage, is a very important step in the document management process. Once a file is no longer “active”, it is sent to archiving for retention. Years ago, this involved printing files and physically storing them in filing cabinets and storage rooms. Today, businesses are retaining their documents electronically, enhancing the process… Read More »

Can Your Company Survive a Disaster?

No matter where your business might be located, your organization is susceptible to natural disasters. From hurricanes to blizzards, fires to floods, natural disasters wreak havoc on business communities. In 2014, the US experienced 8 weather related disaster events – each with losses exceeding $1 billion. Similarly, the snow storms experienced across the Northeast had… Read More »

Cloud Hacking: Don’t Fear the Cloud

With so many major security breaches and Cloud hacking stories in the news, it is no surprise that Cloud technology has begun to develop a reputation for a lack of security. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, cloud services can be incredibly safe for your data, as many cloud services… Read More »

Data Breach Statistics

When it comes to the safety of corporate information, nothing strikes fear into the hearts of business owners like the phrase “data breach”. Defined as any incident during which sensitive or confidential information is potentially stolen or used by an unauthorized party, data breaches have become an increasing threat for companies large and small. Internal… Read More »

Document Storage Security: Protecting Files with Electronic Storage

When it comes to the safety of your stored documents, there are really only 2 options – physical storage or digital storage. Unfortunately for many companies, choosing between these two document storage options can be difficult. How does electronic document storage differ from physical storage? What are the benefits? What are the dangers? To date, long-term… Read More »

Document Security: How to Keep Data Safe

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of businesses and consumers like a good old fashioned data breach. From this year’s record breaking attack on Anthem to the Heartbleed security bug incident back in April of 2014, it would seem that our information is increasingly under siege and that many organizations are having trouble safeguarding our… Read More »

What is Encryption? Why is Encryption Important?

As of late, it is not uncommon to turn on the news and hear about yet another large data breach or hack. Most likely the hack occurred at some familiar business, and it may have even exposed your information in the process. From the infamous Heartbleed Bug, to more recent hacks against Home Depot and… Read More »

$44.5M Document Storage Settlement

The information and document storage company Iron Mountain has recently agreed to shell out $44.5 million dollars to settle allegations against the company in regards to overcharging federal agencies for their record storage services. But who is responsible for this recent payout? Iron Mountain allegedly reported its pricing issues to the GSA before any official… Read More »