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Higher Education’s Solution to Document Management is Higher Technology

Universities and colleges are drowning in documents — from applications for enrollment, student records and human resources forms to new digital content, such as online videos and podcasts. For most staff, documents are hard to find, keep track of and manage. Paper is strewn across desks and stuffed in file cabinets, while electronic content is… Read More »

Make cash flow a few days faster. Stop using Checks!

Still using checks to pay the bills? Still getting paid mostly by checks? That payment method has been in use for centuries but it is rapidly being replaced by electronic debit payments and ACH transfers. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. It’s an electronic network in the United States that processes large volumes of credit… Read More »

Going Full Digital to Increase Sales

Improve marketing and sales performance with a fully digital process. Every sales manager with successful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experience will tell you that, to fire on all cylinders, continuous input of accurate and current data from every salesperson is required. Call reports, meeting notes, calendars and images should be digitized so all that highly… Read More »

The Paperless Office: Zero paper or much less paper?

If you look around the most modern business facilities, you’ll notice less cluttered spaces and the complete absence of space-hogging filing cabinets. Desks are free of paper clutter and people are using tablets and other devices to record and transfer information. Will you find any paper anywhere in these 21st century offices? Well, maybe here… Read More »

Boston Went Paperless: How Did It Turn Out?

Back in 2011, Boston, MA set off on a quest to reduce their paper consumption. The city had decided to launch its paperless efforts with the intent of creating a more transparent and accessible city council. In order to enhance their current practices, the City Council planned to: Make documents/agendas available online Live stream meetings… Read More »

Lego is Building a Green Future

There are plenty of companies out there looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and Lego is looking to step up their eco-friendly game. The toy block mogul has planned to invest roughly 10 million dollars a year over the next 15 years. Lego is hoping to create a more environmentally friendly brick while improving the… Read More »