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The March Madness Paperless Divide

Going paperless is great. It helps companies lower costs, improve processes, and  reduce their impact on the environment. From paperless bank statements to electronic signatures, companies are beginning to transform their paper-intensive habits into effective paperless processes. Unfortunately for college basketball fans, only 6 of the 13 venues offer the option to go paperless during March… Read More »

Electronic Medical Records: Who, Why, and How

Electronic medical records, or EMRs, are an electronic alternative to paper charts used by healthcare organizations. These electronic patient records improve the process of patient record keeping and enable clinicians to increase the quality of patient care within their practice. Implementing an EMR solution is often seen as a burdensome task. When faced with planning… Read More »

How to Go Paperless: Convincing Your Boss

If you are here, it is because you have seen the paperless light, and you want to go paperless. You understand that electronically managing your documents and going paperless can have astronomical results for your organization. But there is one catch – you have to convince your boss. In this article, we will arm you… Read More »

The Credentialing Process: Can We Make It Better?

What is credentialing? Credentialing is the act of assessing and confirming the mandatory qualifications of licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals and organizations. In addition to verifying medical employee credentials, specialists are tasked with ensuring that organizations remain compliant with federal and state regulations. This includes the ongoing support of the credentialing process, which involves staying abreast… Read More »

What is Backfile Conversion?

A backfile is essentially any archived or saved file within your organization. Backfile conversion, or backfile scanning, is the act of replacing these documents with digital copies or images. By using high speed scanning methods, companies are able to convert their documents into easy to manage digital files. While scanning and converting all incoming paper… Read More »

Mailroom Automation: Why You Should Outsource Your Mailroom

Tackling your paper problem can be difficult if you ignore the source. Many organizations have set out to improve their paper-intensive processes with workflow automation – yet many have not addressed a major contributor to their paper problems…invoices received in the mailroom. The solution? Mailroom automation. In order to increase mailroom efficiency and drive productivity… Read More »

EHR Incentive Program

Did you know that there is an EHR incentive program? Sure, electronically managing your health records comes with a wealth of benefits…but enhancing security, reducing costs, and improving efficiency is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Medicare and Medicaid want to pay you for managing your records electronically with their EHR incentive program.… Read More »

The War on Paper [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ROI from paper-free processes can be extraordinary. From improved process efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced security, and decreased labor costs, document management solutions can provide a wealth of value to your organization. Yet, despite the multitude of benefits, progress towards a paperless business economy is slow. Here are some facts straight from AIIM in regards… Read More »