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Digitization and Automation Drive Healthcare Efficiencies

  In today’s highly competitive healthcare environment, organizational efficiency is critical. Forrester Research noted that “81% of executives surveyed agreed that operational efficiencies are a priority to improve profitability.” The industry-wide issues include reducing costs, increasing visibility, and pursuing better vendor management. The keys to achieving these business-critical objectives reside in two areas; Accounts Payable… Read More »

Do Electronic Health Records Need an ECM Boost?

According to Reed Gelzer, M.D., and head of Newbury, New Hampshire based Trustworthy EHR, electronic health records may be posing issues for providers when it comes to medical malpractice litigation. As electronic health records, or EHRs, become commonplace in healthcare, they are becoming increasing prevalent in malpractice lawsuits. Unfortunately, according to Gelzer, these electronic documents… Read More »

Electronic Medical Records: Who, Why, and How

Electronic medical records, or EMRs, are an electronic alternative to paper charts used by healthcare organizations. These electronic patient records improve the process of patient record keeping and enable clinicians to increase the quality of patient care within their practice. Implementing an EMR solution is often seen as a burdensome task. When faced with planning… Read More »

The Credentialing Process: Can We Make It Better?

What is credentialing? Credentialing is the act of assessing and confirming the mandatory qualifications of licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals and organizations. In addition to verifying medical employee credentials, specialists are tasked with ensuring that organizations remain compliant with federal and state regulations. This includes the ongoing support of the credentialing process, which involves staying abreast… Read More »

The Benefits of Electronic Health Records

What are the benefits of electronic health records? Human Resource files? Invoices? Implementing an electronic records system has the potential to provide extraordinary benefits for clinics, healthcare organizations, and physicians. By facilitating workflows and improving the overall quality of patient care and safety, electronic documents are able to provide a wealth of measurable benefits – including… Read More »