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Improve HR Productivity with a Digital Transformation

Since before the beginning of the COVID pandemic, companies have faced enormous pressure to go lean and improve productivity to deal with the changes to how we work, communicate and share data. Your Human Resources organization manages an enormous number of documents for such activities as health screening, recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation, benefits, time… Read More »

HR Leadership in Business Processes During a Crisis

When there is a crisis affecting your company, such as the current Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resources leadership stands at the edge of the precipice struggling with the answer to this question: how can we ensure both the continued success of the company and the well-being of our employees? With the real possibility of… Read More »

Rescue Your HR Department from Drowning in Paper Forms

Human Resource professionals across America are buried in paper forms and documents. Whether its onboarding forms, such as I-9s, direct deposit documents, or benefits and administrative documents, such as Health insurance, 401Ks, PTO Requests, Disciplinary Forms or Annual Reviews, day-to-day management of paper forms has become unbearable. Ask any HR professional, “Did you enter this… Read More »

Elevate the Effectiveness of Your HR Department

The digital revolution has touched all aspects of the way we do business, making it easier and faster to communicate with associates and get tasks done. From inventory clerks to company presidents, everyone within a business can benefit from using a digital office space. With the amount of employee information being handled, businesses can no… Read More »

NEdocs attends The NEHRA 2016 Conference

September 28th, 2016 – New England Document Systems attended our first NEHRA (Northeast Human Resource Association) conference at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, Massachusetts this year. For more information on NEHRA and the annual NEHRA Conference, visit their website

A Less Paper Solution for Human Resources

HR departments are the center of your organization. They deal with a multitude of forms on a daily basis, and each one must be distributed, completed, collected and stored while remaining compliant with industry regulations.Keeping these files organized without losing control can be a daunting task. Physical files are cumbersome, filling boxes, cabinets, and desktops… Read More »