Category: Process Improvement

The Digital Mailroom: Does your enterprise have the advantage?

Any organization today should consider implementing a digital mailroom when volumes of incoming email and paper mail start to burden the company with excessive document processing costs. Perhaps you’ve reached this point in your business but don’t know where to begin. Well, your current mailroom is the place to start the process of digital mailroom… Read More »

Is the Cloud your Success Solution?

It’s a new year, with new possibilities. Has your business made any New Year’s resolutions (goals)? All businesses want to improve productivity while at the same time reducing expenses. In today’s environment in particular, it has become increasingly important to be flexible while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency. One of the ways your… Read More »

Going Full Digital to Increase Sales

Improve marketing and sales performance with a fully digital process. Every sales manager with successful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experience will tell you that, to fire on all cylinders, continuous input of accurate and current data from every salesperson is required. Call reports, meeting notes, calendars and images should be digitized so all that highly… Read More »

The Paperless Office: Zero paper or much less paper?

If you look around the most modern business facilities, you’ll notice less cluttered spaces and the complete absence of space-hogging filing cabinets. Desks are free of paper clutter and people are using tablets and other devices to record and transfer information. Will you find any paper anywhere in these 21st century offices? Well, maybe here… Read More »

Is your office in need of Spring Cleaning?

With warm weather on the way and winter quickly becoming a distant memory, there is no better time to purge all the unwanted and unneeded clutter that’s been collected for the past several months. Spring cleaning is a tradition that dates back centuries according to some researchers and continues today in a cliché sort of… Read More »

Document Strategies: Building a Framework

Perhaps the single most complex and difficult strategies to create, implement, and maintain is an enterprise document strategy. With challenges such as company silos, unclear vision, lack of governance, and competing priorities plaguing company culture, it is not difficult to understand why implementing a successful document management system can be such a daunting task. Unfortunately,… Read More »