Category: Regulation Compliance

Why Is Breach Reporting So Important Now?

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have made it easier than ever to share information. Consequently, it has also become easier for hackers to steal sensitive data such as phone numbers, social security numbers, or email addresses from people and businesses. Each year, millions of personally identifiable information (PII) records are compromised because of data breaches. Victims… Read More »

Legal Compliance of Electronic Documents

Despite the fact that physical files tend to be more labor intensive, time consuming, and susceptible to threats, there are many professionals who are just not ready to let their paper disappear. Perhaps there is a sense of security achieved by physically observing the safety of your files. However, the benefit of having tangible paper… Read More »

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In 2015, data protection is undoubtedly a major priority for companies and organizations of all sizes. As data breaches continue to increase in volume and frequency, organizations across the world have set out to better mitigate these risks and keep personal information safe. One such effort is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation… Read More »

NEdocs Receives SOC II Type II Report

In order to better assist our customers in meeting their information security requirements, we have recently completed a SOC II Type II audit covering the Security and Availability Trust Services Principles for our document scanning and records storage solutions in Hooksett, NH. In doing so, NEdocs has become one of the first SOC II Type II audited… Read More »

Human Resources & the Fight Against Paper

HR managers are currently engaged in a war…a war against paper…and the skeptics that come with it. They fight for paperless processes and workflow automation – because they know that the future is inevitable. While there are some associated risks with going paperless, technology experts and HR professionals know that implementing an electronic document management… Read More »

Let’s Talk About Document Control

We recently posted an article to help our audience better understand the differences between document management and records management. In sharing this article, we were fortunate enough to chat with John Barton, the Principal Consultant at Infocloud Consulting. John provided us with some valuable insight into the world of Document Control, and how it differs… Read More »

Why Document Management is Not Records Management

Regulation compliance and manageable electronic files are a growing concern for many organizations. For those that have yet to address these obstacles, it may be time to look into records management. You are, most likely, already managing your documents in some manner…but do these efforts support record management? At first glance, document management and records… Read More »