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Choosing Security-Audited Technology Partners

How can you help assure that your data is safe and secure? Increasingly, companies of every size face security threats that pose risks to their business continuity. Approximately 37% of global organizations said they were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021, according to IDC’s “2021 Ransomware Study.” The FBI’s Internet Crime… Read More »

Achieving the Higher Education We Deserve

COVID brought to light new improvement opportunities for educational organizations. After the pandemic struck, their legacy training methods and limited technology resources were no longer equipped for preparing their graduates to work for companies operating in today’s lean, agile, digital environment. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) noted, “Economic uncertainty often causes employers… Read More »

Is Your Document Strategy Keeping Pace with Technology?

It’s relatively common for enterprise employees and contractors to have difficulty accessing documents they need for their daily work. Typically, this is because the company continues to maintain legacy paper documents and processes; stores documents in decentralized areas such as file cabinets, user laptops, and various siloed servers, and does not have document standards with… Read More »

Major Business Changes without Major Disruptions

Winning the Digital Transformation Trifecta Are you thinking about relocating your business? How about taking your business to the next level? Perhaps you’re merging with a friendly competitor. Such changes could cause disruptions to how you operate your business. But what if you could get this change done with minimal disruption and simultaneously optimize your… Read More »

Crawl, Walk, Run

Convert to AP Automation with Minimal (If Any) IT Support For several years, business trend watchers have been predicting that the path through economic turmoil and pandemics is digital transformation and automation of core business processes, such as Accounts Payable (AP). Still, many businesses are hesitant, particularly when their IT support resources are limited. For… Read More »

Keep Critical Data Secure in Transit and Storage

We live in a business environment today that presents constant data security threats with repeated breaches being reported in the news. No industry and no organization is completely safe from security threats. Not only do cyber-attacks impact a business’ internal operations but also those of its trading partners. A recognized leader in secure file transfer,… Read More »

Historical Preservation Scanning Technology

Digitally preserve old books, documents & artifacts. If you have rare original books, maps, or other historical artifacts, and want to preserve them for future generations, digitally scanning them may sound like a great idea. However, not every device or scanning service is capable of the results you really want. Typical results are mediocre images… Read More »

Improve Lab Productivity While Preserving Your Valuable Research Data

Every scientific breakthrough from the 18th Century to today has been recorded in a laboratory notebook. Until recently, these have been traditional paper notebooks. These days, pharmaceutical companies, universities, and other scientific research organizations realize that they must modernize procedures to reduce human error and ensure the reproducibility of lab results. Research notes and data… Read More »

When You are Scanning More than a Document

Ask anybody what document scanning is, and they will probably say it involves using the scanner function built into the company copier. They might add that it is a laborious task processing one page at a time by either placing the document on the flatbed of the machine or using the auto-feed tray. This is… Read More »