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Is the Cloud your Success Solution?

It’s a new year, with new possibilities. Has your business made any New Year’s resolutions (goals)? All businesses want to improve productivity while at the same time reducing expenses. In today’s environment in particular, it has become increasingly important to be flexible while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency. One of the ways your… Read More »

Digitizing Historic Records for Viewing and Preservation

Viewing images scanned and saved in high-resolution archival formats can be as rewarding an experience as looking at the original photographs, sometimes even better. Today’s High definition screens show you bright, crisp details in vibrant, true colors. Depending on lighting and display conditions, viewing digitized images is often superior to viewing original photographic prints. One… Read More »

Scanning Documents for Security, Retrieval and Storage Longevity

What file type works for YOUR documents? There are right ways and wrong ways to scan printed documents to electronic files formats for safe storage and retrieval. Saving to the wrong file format can introduce software compatibility issues and add too much data, often making file sizes too large for efficient storage. Files that are… Read More »

Human Resources & the Fight Against Paper

HR managers are currently engaged in a war…a war against paper…and the skeptics that come with it. They fight for paperless processes and workflow automation – because they know that the future is inevitable. While there are some associated risks with going paperless, technology experts and HR professionals know that implementing an electronic document management… Read More »

Let’s Talk About Document Control

We recently posted an article to help our audience better understand the differences between document management and records management. In sharing this article, we were fortunate enough to chat with John Barton, the Principal Consultant at Infocloud Consulting. John provided us with some valuable insight into the world of Document Control, and how it differs… Read More »

The Future of Data Storage [Infographic]

The world of data storage has come a long way over the past few decades. In 1989, the 8MB Macintosh was considered the best computer available. Fast forward to today where we have 256GB of storage prebuilt into our Macs. From vinyl to Ipods, VHS to blue-ray, our capacity for storing data is constantly and… Read More »

Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) is a management technique developed in the early 1990’s to help better analyze and design business processes and workflows. The goal of business process reengineering is to help companies rethink how they work in order to improve services, reduce costs, and become more competitive. Rather than working tirelessly to improve sub-processes,… Read More »

AP Department Potential: Infographic

Is your Accounts Payable department living up to its full potential? In this Digitech infographic, you will be able to see how your AP processes stacks up to: Fraud & duplicate payments Customer satisfaction Financial process control Error detection Automation improvements Process costs An AP department that has realized its full performance potential will lower… Read More »