Contingency Planning: Disaster Prevention Starts in the Cloud

By NE Docs | July 16, 2014

Contingency Planning Disaster Prevention Starts in the Cloud

Disaster prevention and risk management is important to all businesses large and small. The financial and legal risks of losing confidential records, contracts, files, invoices, and other sensitive data can be fatal to any organization. The looming threat of potential lost business alone has always been a driving force in the continuous effort to minimize risk and ensure the security of critical information.

With the growing demand for disaster prevention comes the need for an affordable and efficient solution – the cloud. Cloud technology has transformed disaster recovery by meeting the needs of most disaster prevention plans while still remaining affordable.

The Immortal Cloud

Your files are not going to last forever…and your on-site servers are less secure than you think. Paper is a fragile medium, and is easily destroyed by fire, water, and even age. Digitizing your paper files is a great first step; however your on-site servers are prone to the same disasters – with the same devastating results.

The only way to truly immortalize your documents is to store them offsite in the cloud. By implementing a cloud document management solution, your records will become secure and easily accessible. A cloud solution will allow you to access and share files with litigators, customers, employees, and anyone else before, during, and post a disastrous event.

Cloud document management is an affordable, secure, and reliable way to enhance disaster prevention and increase internal processes. Because most cloud storage solutions do not require a large investment to implement, the monthly charge is a small cost to incur in order to start safeguarding invaluable business files. Data will always be at risk from disasters – both natural and human. However, with the cloud – you can effectively eliminate many physical threats from the equation while enhancing the capabilities of your business.

NOTE: Remember that not all cloud service providers are made equal. Be sure to perform your due diligence when investigating cloud data solutions in order to ensure that the highest level of security and server stability is met.

If you want to learn more about cloud document management and the benefits it can have for your disaster protection, compliance, and process efficiency – contact us today.


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