Could Your Company Recover from a Disaster?

By NE Docs | July 22, 2022

Paper is not a durable material. It practically disintegrates with a good soaking and can flare up like tinder when exposed to flame or very high heat. Left in the open, a wind gust can carry away loose documents, not to mention thieves’ hands. It’s clear that paper records are vulnerable to many dangers and can too easily be lost forever.

Disasters happen when they are least expected. Unfortunately, they often come when most companies are not ready. The ensuing confusion and disruption of normal processes and access to operations may prevent you from continuing to serve your customers and pay your employees and vendors. Protecting your valuable data and document resources is paramount to ensuring your business continuity and ability to survive whatever disaster may strike.

Bleak Business Recovery Rates

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses do not reopen following a disaster. On top of that, another 25% fail within one year.

So, how do you limit your risk and ensure your business continuity when you do not know what disasters may happen in the future, whether flood, fire, arson, theft, war, or something yet unseen? The answer is that you get prepared for the worst and control what you can.

Be Prepared – Have a Plan!

Every business should have a Disaster Recovery Plan that thoroughly assesses risks, identifies requirements and objectives, prepares a runbook and trains the operations staff, and tests it to make sure it actually works. If a disaster occurs, the plan should protect and recover key systems and assets to continue operations.

Part of this recovery plan should focus on protecting your critical data and documents for running the business. No insurance claim can recover lost paper documents. But having digital records safe in the cloud with all your information in digital format that is secure and redundant will certainly limit your risk.

Preparing a disaster recovery plan takes some focused effort and time to create, test, and implement if you don’t already have one. The balance of this article discusses what you can do immediately to protect your critical data and document assets.

Protect Storage and Access of Your Documents and Data

For nearly four decades, NEdocs has helped companies protect their documents and records, no matter what happens, and be able to access them instantly. This requires transforming data and documents to digital format by scanning and storing them safely in the cloud. You and your team will then be able to easily access them from anywhere at any time. The key benefits of this process include:

NEdocs understands that change can be difficult for any organization. If the cost of converting your paper documents to digital is a concern, you may want to take advantage of NEdocs’ Scan to Zero program which allows your company to go paperless over time with immediate storage savings.

For further information about how you can be prepared for any disaster by enabling your business to fully secure its data and recover quickly, contact our experts online or call us at (603) 625-1171.

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