Credit Union Document Scanning: Success Capsule

By NE Docs | June 3, 2014

One of the largest credit unions in New England recently turned to the NEdocs team to replace all of their file rooms and open filing spaces using our document scanning services. Our client wanted to re-purpose valuable real estate and ingest business-critical documents from other acquired credit unions. This remodeling effort had deadlines for boxes to be removed so that construction commitments would not be impeded and cause expensive delays.

File Room Renovations

As a result of ongoing renovations, multiple file rooms full of all kinds of financial and back-office business documents needed to be scanned, including:

  • Loan files
  • Mortgage claims
  • Residential & commercial files
  • Payroll
  • HR personnel files

Mergers & Acquisition

If having file rooms of business-critical paper documents wasn’t bad enough, being in “acquisition mode” had the credit union acquiring others, leading to dramatic increases in the volume of paper that needed to be handled more effectively.

The Credit Union Document Scanning Solution

Our team went to work immediately, picking up all the boxes of paper in a timely manner and imaging all of the credit union’s documents so that they can re-purpose file room space for customer-facing activities. This was a multi-phased project that allowed the credit union to get documents into their system fast with a level of quality control that assured the project was done professionally.

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