Digital Business – Go Digital in 2015

By NE Docs | February 4, 2015

Digital Business – Go Digital in 2015

What is a digital business?

For many, it is considered the future of business as we know it. At its core, a digital business is one that is able to digitally automate its processes. It involves the creation of new business designs and models that connect people, businesses, AND things together in order to drive revenue, efficiency, and data.

With over 7 billion of professionals working on over 35 billion devices, the way in which we communicate, collaborate, and work is being transformed forever. Fueled by technological innovations, companies are hard pressed to keep up with evolving trends. However, despite the ongoing pressure from their employees and the current market, some organizations are still struggling with the question – should we go digital?

Why Be Digital?

According to Gartner’s 2014 survey, 50% of business and IT executives expect to transform, at some level, into a digital business by the end of 2016. More than half of board directors (54%) say they are directly engaged in this digital transformation.

Businesses are taking a proactive approach to digitizing and automating their businesses to stay relevant and successful in the long term.

Beyond the obvious benefits of automation (cost savings, increased productivity, etc.), there is more to be said about “going digital”. In addition to the process improvements found in a digital organization, there is also a wealth of actionable data – providing extraordinary value to any company wise enough to understand the potential created by the availability of detailed process information. There are a number of functional business areas that can benefit from going digital – including manufacturing, human resources, finance, and even customer service.

How to Go Digital?

In order to become a digital business, your executive team must first define where the largest opportunities are and devise a digital business strategy.

Paper-intensive processes are a great place to start going digital.

Not only are paper processes labor intensive and prone to errors, they are also filled with great information. Companies tend to have disjointed document management strategies, scattering their valuable and sensitive data throughout the organization. Getting a handle on your paper processes will provide immediate benefits, while helping to prepare your organization for the impending digital future.

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