Digital Signatures for E-forms

By NE Docs | February 11, 2014

Digitech Systems recently announced the launch of PaperVision Enterprise R77, which introduces digital signatures as part of the new e-forms functionality of PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow.

Having been a top reseller of Digitech and document management for years, here’s what we really like about the digital signature capability in terms of its main benefits:

  • Expedites the approval process for any industry and department
  • Allows for full security compliance
  • Authenticates the log on from ImageSilo or PaperVision Enterprise (PVE)
  • Includes the ability to have a password for every signature if preferred
  • Provides full non-repudiation

In case you’re wondering, non-repudiation refers to proving that a message was sent and received in a way that cannot be denied by either the sender or receiver. This is especially useful for digital signatures so that they hold up in court.

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Below are screenshots of how digital signatures work within ImageSilo and PaperVision:

Click the digital signature icon(s) on the toolbar


A pop-up window appears where you enter your digital signature


Enter a digital signature name and click “Sign”


The digital signature information appears in a pop-up window


Your document is now electronically signed


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