Document Management: Capturing Data not Documents

By NE Docs | January 26, 2015

Document Management Capturing Data not Documents

Document management involves much more than simply managing your physical files – it is about managing your data. Sure, document management involves scanning and capturing files, going paperless, and ditching those ancient bulky filing cabinets – but if that is all you think of when you contemplate document management – you are missing the big picture.

Not only is document management critical to safeguarding and managing business files – it allows you to capture data and transform how that data is used. Through evolving analytics and mobile technologies, document management is allowing organizations to reduce time and labor costs while improving remote accessibility – setting the current world of document management far from what it was in previous years.

While these technological advancements have not changed the long-term benefits behind an electronic document strategy, truly innovative companies are beginning to see the future of enterprise content management. The potential of web-based forms technology is gaining momentum as businesses incorporate the use of tablets and smartphones for internal purposes. As personal electronic devices become more synonymous with corporate processes, the emphasis behind content management and electronic forms will undoubtedly increase.

Electronically managing your records is extraordinarily beneficial to your internal processes – but accurately capturing the data on those documents is by far the most important result of digitizing your files. This data, accurately managed through an ECM system, does much more than archive your files – it transforms your paper into real-time actionable data.

But what do these advancements mean? Workflow efficiency. Electronic forms, advanced analytics, and accessible mobile technologies will enable companies to eliminate paper before it has the chance to be made while providing direct access to vital information…driving business processes to an achievable and efficient paperless future.

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