Document Recovery & Protection after a Disaster

By NE Docs | August 22, 2017
Disaster Recovery

We recently covered the importance of having a plan in place to prevent your company’s documents from being compromised in the event of a data breach. Backing up your important files and protecting them with secure access can save you and your company many thousands of dollars in potential damages but there are several other disaster situations for which you may also need a plan.

Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and mold can be just as devastating to your business as a data breach or perhaps more. Much like a data compromise, a natural disaster can occur at any time with no warning. Fortunately, NE Docs is working with hazardous cleanup companies who can help you with document recovery during or after a hazard. One such company is Polygon, a U.S. General Services Administration contract holder which provides secure document restoration services for public and private organizations.

Document Recovery Explained

Polygon and other similar companies utilize a variety of effective paper/document recovery methods. Vacuum freeze drying is ideal for papers that have been damaged by water. “During this process, the materials are placed in an airtight chamber into which negative vacuum pressure is induced.” Water in the documents goes through a sublimation process from solid to gas without ever becoming re-liquefied. This method is especially useful to prevent documents from warping or distorting. Another drying method is called desiccant air drying. In this process, dehumidifiers are used to dry the surrounding air and remove moisture from the documents.

In the event of a fire or a mold outbreak, you can request a recovery team to clean and sterilize your documents. “Polygon’s trained staff clean each document with sponges and scrub pads instead of liquid based solutions.” Liquids can reactivate the moisture in the materials and allow mold to persist. In cases with mold spores, standard procedures involving High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum systems are used. If your documents have been exposed to hazardous waste, they can be treated with gamma radiation until they are sterilized.

In some cases, the information on documents makes them too sensitive to leave on their storage site. The best document restoration companies have mobile solutions that will come to you if your documents can’t leave the building.

Be Proactive

Remember that prevention is the best way to mitigate your losses during a crisis, and NEdocs is here to help. ImageSilo is just one of the cloud-based document storage services that we provide so that clients can access important files anytime, anywhere. By having your files a click away, you and your employees can remain productive during office cleanup operations.

Be Forthright 

One of the greatest considerations when choosing a document restoration firm is document security. The contractor you choose should handle every file with utmost confidentiality to protect any sensitive information. Most reputable document recovery businesses maintain high security standards and screen potential employees for trustworthiness when handling secure documents. They also make all employees sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements to ensure documents are handled confidentially.

You can assist recovery teams by being forthright about your document security needs. Most documents can be classified into one of these categories: Restricted, Confidential, or Public. Restricted and Confidential documents contain sensitive data that could pose a great risk to the organization if they are compromised. As you would expect, Public documents contain non-sensitive information and pose little to no security risk if compromised.

The Right Plan for Your Company

It’s impossible to predict how a natural or human-caused disaster will affect your business. Regardless, the best way to recover from water, fire, chemical, biological or mold damage is to have a document restoration plan in place along with an experienced recovery team that can act quickly and efficiently with the exact services you need. Polygon and companies like them can partner with NE Docs to safely handle and store your recovered documents after a disaster. NEdocs can reduce some of the risk of a disaster by managing the digitization of your records, making them safer now in the future.

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