Document Scanning for M&A

By NE Docs | December 10, 2013

A recent study indicated that merger and acquisition activity will continue increasing over the next 2-4 years. Many larger organizations, especially pharmaceuticals and financial services, have strong cash positions and the opportunity to acquire other organizations. Their targets tend to be organizations under $250M in revenue.

Acquisition Candidates Still Use Paper

Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) typically have not had the scale, budget and/or foresight to implement business process automation like document scanning, or shared service models for distributed locations. More than likely, their offices have a significant number of filing cabinets holding a variety of documents, including:

After the ink has dried, the acquiring organization must determine how to make these documents available to a variety of internal teams, including legal, compliance, finance, sales, operations, HR, and executive management. In addition, these documents should now be managed as part of acquiring organization’s document retention policies.

Get Rid of the Paper

Converting these paper documents into electronic records, and making them searchable with OCR technologies, provides a number of benefits for the acquirer:

  • Faster Integration: find documents in seconds instead of hours or days
  • Lower Costs: convert space that was used by filing cabinets into more productive activities
  • Reduce Risk: get documents into your retention system faster, and purge those whose retention policies have expired

How We Do It

As New England’s leading service bureau, our document scanning services will convert your paper records into electronic documents quickly and efficiently, accessible via your file server or document management system—on your network or in the cloud. The reclaimed space can then be remodeled and converted into much more productive and possibly revenue generating activities.

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