Document Scanning for Manufacturing

By NE Docs | December 31, 2013

While many focus on the back-office benefits of document scanning to streamline invoice processing and new employee on-boarding in particular, scanning can also help get products to market faster, prove compliance as part of an audit or ISO certification, and provide a higher level of customer service to channel partners and end-users.

Product Development

Getting market information, legacy engineering drawing, engineering change order (ECO) documentation, and certifications once trapped on paper documents into the hands of product management, engineering and production can help products get to market faster and satisfy more customer requirements, thereby increasing revenue growth and profitability.

Proving Compliance

For medical device manufacturers and other heavily regulated industries, the need for tracking documentation extends across the entire product lifecycle, from idea to support. Every document in the supply chain, ECO and external correspondence must be archived and be produced quickly by the FDA, ISO and a number of other industry and government regulations.

The Customer Experience

Document scanning helps to enhance customer service when all documentation and correspondence is available to the customer relationship management (CRM) system, so representatives can answer questions in seconds rather than hours or days. For channel partners, document scanning can help streamline the new account on-boarding process and credit checks.

Let NEdocs Help

We can provide you with a complementary assessment of your scanning and document management capabilities, and determine if there is an opportunity for improvement. Whether you approach these capabilities as an outsourced shared service model, or want to create this capability yourself, we can help. Our approach will provide you with the information to help you cost justify document scanning, and realize the benefits of these technologies sooner than later.

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