Document Scanning Myths: 10 File Conversion Fallacies

By NE Docs | September 2, 2014

Document Scanning Myths 10 File Conversion Fallacies

Electronic document management systems are the future of record storage, document management, and file protection. Implementing a document management solution will help cut costs, improve efficiency, and help protect your valuable data. However, before you can revolutionize your document management processes, you must first tackle the formidable task of converting physical documents to electronic files.

Despite the success that document scanning and content management has shown across different departments and industries, many companies are still hesitant to outsource their document scanning needs. This hesitation is largely caused by several common myths and misconceptions about outsourced document scanning services.

In order to dispel these myths, we have compiled and refuted these 10 common misconceptions about outsourced document scanning services.

10 Myths about Document Scanning:

1. It’s too expensive: Making a decision on price alone is not always the best idea – however, if price is a concern, then customer service should also be top of mind. The right document scanning service provider will work with you to develop a program that will work within your budget.

2. There is a limit to ROI: The ROI of your investment is largely dependent on the service provider that you choose. However, the ROI that document scanning and document management can provide is astronomical. For example, administrative labor costs can be greatly reduced while simultaneously providing enhanced security and improved accessibility of your records. A great scanning provider can help you see a ROI almost immediately.

3. These solutions are hard to implement and integrate: Implementing and integrating a new document scanning/management solution might seem daunting – but it does not have to be. A proper document scanning bureau will take the pain out of the process, quickly train your team, and have your organization ready to go in a short period of time. Again, it is imperative to find a provider that will work within your needs and expectations to ensure positive results.

4. It is unnecessary: If you wish to improve your paper-intensive processes, there is no better solution than outsourced scanning. In-house projects can quickly become a distraction, and will become a burden on your staff. This leads to increased labor costs, decreased efficiency, and leaves you susceptible to human error and other unknown dangers.

5. Desktop scanning is just as good: Depending on the size of your organization and the size of your conversion project, a desktop scanner might just do the trick. Smaller companies may be able to get away with this method of record conversion. However, for mid-large sized businesses, a desktop scanner is simply too small and slow to be effective. With a growing backlog of files, a steady stream of incoming paper, and the need to manage countless files, a document scanning and content management solution is a must – and an outsourced scanning solution will quickly resolve your current scanning needs. When partnered with the proper content management software, your records will become accessible, enabling your company to do more with less.

6. You don’t need scanning because you are committed to electronic forms/communications: Let’s face it – no matter how “paper-free” your company is, there will always be paper. With paper comes the need to convert it…especially if all of your other records are already electronic. Additionally, document scanning is only half of the battle. Enhancing how you manage these files is also important in improving business processes. E-forms and electronic communications are a great step in the right direction…however, without management capabilities and a forward-moving strategy, even the “greenest” and “paper-free” companies will find themselves with a stack of physical files and a major flaw in their paper processes.

7. Your records will be unsafe: This sentiment is very untrue. With the technologies currently available, document scanning procedures ensure (and increase) the security and confidentiality of your documents. With audit trails, enhanced protection capabilities, and a slew of other security features, document scanning and management will only increase the safety of your files. Be sure that you ask about the safety features available during your conversion process!

8. The process is time consuming: Not for you! A true document scanning service provider will undertake the bulk of the work (as they should). After the initial investment around budget approvals and project planning, there is nothing left to do but monitor the results.

9. All scanning service providers are the same: Are all restaurants the same? The only way to find a great scanning service provider is to investigate. Asking questions and reviewing service offerings is the only way to ensure the success of your project. Want to know what it is really like dealing with a company? Ask for referrals!

10. Scanning service providers provide an all or nothing solution: This is one myth that upsets us the most. Here at NEdocs, we are committed to providing tailored solutions for every one of our customers. There is no such thing as a standard solution – because every solution we provide is designed to benefit our customers’ unique needs. Want to scan in-house? Great! Want us to scan for you? Awesome! Want to shred half and scan half? Excellent! There is no wrong answer!

Still not sure if document scanning is right for you? Have additional questions? Contact our representatives today and ask away!

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