General Accounting Scanning

AP Scanning Solutions

Improve your Accounting department with our scanning solutions. Our AP imaging services are ideal for converting and managing any of your Accounting files, including:

  • Journal entries
  • Cash receipts
  • Packing slips
  • Purchase orders

Cut Processing Costs with AP Scanning

Electronically managing your documents is a great way to reduce costs, enhance visibility, and improve productivity. By converting your entire archive, you will be able to:

Eliminate time wasted hunting down documents (accrued liabilities, audits, etc.)
Enhance compliance: Support and maintain industry standards and regulations
Easily manage purchase orders, packing slips, expense reports, receipts, etc.
Ease access: Gain immediate access to invoice files from anywhere on any device
Track and secure your files with encryption and audit trails
Reclaim Lost Office Space: Take back your office space

Front End Solutions

Invoices represent a large percentage of incoming mail, and we tackle them from the source. We act as your Mailroom, retrieving, opening, and sorting your inbound invoices. Invoices are then scanned and can be routed through an AP workflow integrated with your financial software. Click here to learn more.