Electronic Admissions Routing


“The document imaging system [electronic admissions routing] greatly improved our admissions processes from beginning to end. We cut in half the time that it took to process applications and credentials. We no longer have to deal with missing or misfiled documents”

– Sr. Director of Admission, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Both paper and electronic applications, designed for ease of use and efficiency for students, can have the opposite effect on your Admissions staff. While these technological advancements have improved our ability to manage college applications, it does not address the obstacles they create for those receiving them.

A Universal University Pain

Every Admissions department across the nation experiences the same issue at the same time every year—application season. From October to February, colleges and universities are tasked with processing the bulk of that year’s admissions forms, posing several issues for staff members, including:

  • Increased costs
  • Extraordinary labor demands
  • A slowed review process
  • Costly process bottlenecks
  • An increased risk of losing or misfiling documents

Streamlined Applications ≠ Streamlined Processing

Admissions departments receive paper and electronic applications in bulk – an unavoidable aspect of the college admissions process.

In order to properly process these applications, Admissions staff must:

  • Manually separate individual records from the source file
  • Match and organize files for each individual student— this includes paper and electronic files
  • Check and flag applications missing required documents
  • Add and update Admissions software used to track applicant status
  • Transfer/share completed applications for review

The Solution

In order to overcome the obstacles that the college application process poses, New England Document Systems offers our unique Electronic Admissions Routing services. In partnering with NEdocs, your Admissions department can realize a tremendous increase in efficiency and accuracy while decreasing labor costs.

Our pre-processing services un-burden your staff and expedite processing time.

The Benefits

Our application routing solution will:

  • Separate, match, and organize student applications
  • Update student application data and status directly into any Admissions software
  • Automatically identify missing mandatory documents required before review
  • Streamline and enhance the sharing of documents between any staff member with secure access
  • Prevent document errors including misfiled or lost documentation
  • Increase the security of student files

How it Works

admissions process flow