HR Scanning: Electronic Employee Records

When it comes to efficiently running your HR department, document confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and paper intensive filing systems can prove to be extremely time consuming for your staff. However, there is a better way to improve the efficiency and security of your HR records.

With New England Document Systems, you can easily convert your HR file rooms into a digital filing cabinet to dramatically improve your organizational capabilities.


When corporate policies require retaining documents, our secure offsite storage can preserve your records securely while adhering to federal and state document retention policies.


Whether it is for benefits calculations, an audit, or to answer a Human Resource related question – being able to instantly find an electronic employee record is much more efficient than the paper alternative.

  • Locate the proper employee files whenever needed
  • Designated HR personnel, management, benefits administrators, and auditors have immediate access to only the files they are authorized to see
  • Documents can be linked to your HRIS System for integrated viewing


Employee records and personnel documents have a long shelf life – in many cases anywhere from 1 year until the end of time. Our HR scanning solutions will help support the daily management of HR information such as:

  • Recruiting activities
  • Employee on-boarding, including I-9 management
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee separation
  • Time cards

Benefits of Electronic Employee Records

Scanning and electronically managing your HR files will help you:

  • Fulfill retention requirements: always be in compliance with the myriad retention requirements across all of employee record types
  • Instantly access employee files: provide immediate access for HR personnel, management, benefits administrators, and auditors
  • Recover space: reclaim square footage consumed by paper and filing cabinets

Improve Your HR Department Today

Still wondering about the specific benefits of HR scanning services for your business? Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your HR files.