Document Scanning Services

Safeguard business critical files and ensure compliance.
Expertly manage invoices, employee records, and more.
Reclaim lost space from obsolete filing cabinets.

For over 35 years, New England Document Systems has provided document scanning services for companies across the Northeast. Regardless of size, industry, or process, NEdocs is ready to convert your files into efficient electronic documents.

Our scanning services are ideal for any type of file, including (but not limited to):

Why do companies scan their documents?

In a study from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), members were asked to identify the three main drivers for scanning and data capture. The results found that improved search functionalities, reduced physical storage needs, and improved productivity are the primary reasons for implementing a document scanning solution.

Our document scanning process:

Our document scanning services are the product of our vast experience and expertise. Over our 30+ years of document scanning experience, we have fine-tuned every process and every step of our imaging services.

With NEdocs, you can rest easy knowing that your documents are secure and that your electronic images will be accurate and clean. This is done through our proven document conversion process which includes:

  • Scheduled document pickups
  • Barcode tracking system attached to every box
  • Superior document preparation services
  • Strict quality assurance measures
  • Secure image delivery protocols
  • Accurate invoicing