Document Storage Security: Protecting Files with Electronic Storage

By NE Docs | March 16, 2015

Document Storage Security Protecting Files with Electronic Storage

When it comes to the safety of your stored documents, there are really only 2 options – physical storage or digital storage. Unfortunately for many companies, choosing between these two document storage options can be difficult.

  • How does electronic document storage differ from physical storage?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the dangers?

To date, long-term storage has been considered to be the most cost effective solution for document storage.  However, there are also several risks that might not be obvious to those looking to truly safeguard their information. From physical vulnerabilities to shortcomings in the tracking and auditing process, there are several ways in which an electronic document storage solution can improve how you safeguard your data.

If you are looking to for a document storage solution, you should consider the following differences between electronic storage and physical storage.

Electronic Storage VS. Physical Storage

Security & Safety: Electronic Storage Physical Storage
Theft Prevention Yes Yes
Fire Proof Yes No
Water Proof Yes No
Automated Backups Yes No
Document Tracking Yes No
Audit Trails Yes No
Efficiency: Electronic Storage Physical Storage
24/7 Access Yes No
View from Computer/Mobile Devices Yes No
Easily Distributed Yes No
Enables Staff Efficiency Yes No
Compliance: Electronic Storage Physical Storage
Automate Retention Policy Yes No
Documents Readily Available Yes No
Enhance Auditing Processes Yes No

Don’t get us wrong – physical storage can still be a feasible and cost effective document storage option. However, if you are committed to truly safeguarding your data, nothing is more beneficial than converting your physical files and storing them electronically.

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