E-forms & Electronic Signature Simplify Business Processes

By NE Docs | February 4, 2014

Greenwood Village, CO – Digitech Systems announces the launch of PaperVision Enterprise R77, which updates PaperVision Enterprise Workflow capabilities and introduces electronic signatures and E-Forms. Known for improving efficiency, tight information control and lower cost Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Digitech Systems understands that information is at the heart of business processes, and these new capabilities make it even easier to boost the efficiency of all your critical tasks.

Benefits of PaperVision Enterprise R77:

  • Bring virtually any type of information, including electronic files, paper records, images, print streams, and even email messages into a single secure system for management and retrieval.
  • Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by electronically routing documents, alerting users of pending work assignments, and tracking progress step by step.
  • Collect information electronically using e-forms, eliminating paper records at their source.
  • Include a validated electronic signature with a document as part of a review or approval process.

For decades, businesses have relied on paper forms to collect information from customers and business partners, and others have printed electronic documents simply to obtain required signatures. However, paper records are vulnerable to theft and loss as they are routed through business processes, and they do not integrate well with computer systems that require electronic data.

To boost business efficiencies and to tighten information control, many organizations are turning to workflow, electronic signatures and e-forms applications to complement their existing data management strategies. E-forms enables companies to digitize data from the point of origin by collecting customer information using an electronic form. Once collected, workflow automates the flow of the information through business processes, including obtaining legally-binding signatures on contracts and other documents. When used together, these three technologies can significantly boost staff productivity for common processes such as new customer account creation, contract execution or invoice approvals.

“Many businesses have covered the basics of ECM and are now turning to additional options like workflow, electronic signature, and e-forms to further boost the ROI from their technology investment. Unfortunately, most have had to bolt together options from multiple vendors to get a complete solution. PaperVision Enterprise includes all three options as a seamless, fully-integrated suite, making it easier to share data between functions and easier to implement than a multi-vendor solution.”

Rebecca Wettemann
Vice President of Nucleus Research

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