Effortlessly Handle the Seasonal Retail Paperwork Storm

By NE Docs | December 21, 2018

Every holiday season, retailers brace themselves for the shopping boom. It’s a glorious time of year to be in business. However, it also comes with a lot of stress. Shoppers storm stores on Black Friday, order in-store pickup on Cyber Monday deals, and come in at all hours looking to shop and make exchanges and returns. That’s why the seasonal workers are the unsung heroes of the retail industry.

With an influx of temporary workers clocking in just before the holidays, retail locations and other seasonal industries have to process multiple pages of paperwork for each new employee but this doesn’t mean you need to be worried or intimidated by it.

From tax forms to timesheets, paperless HR makes it much easier to deal with all the documentation required to hire and pay staff. Here are some ways NEdocs helps retailers and other HR-heavy industries set up and manage their stress-free paperless systems.

Be prepared for the influx of workers.

Where did I put the W4 forms? Where are the direct deposit slips? When should I shred papers with personal information? Imagine if you and your managers did not have to spend one minute worrying about answers to these questions. When your business goes paperless, not only can you save money on paper and help the environment, you save time. Lots of time!

NEdocs’ technicians work with you to help customize your billing system so it improves efficiency and runs the way you need it to. Stop spending your precious time and energy on paperwork when it should be focused on building your business and selling more during the busiest seasons.

Security and Ease of Use

Keeping track of reams of loose paper gets tricky fast. It also takes up a lot of office space, especially if you keep good records. Maybe it gives you a sense of security knowing all your HR papers are in one place. Imagine how much better you’ll feel when they’re safely in the trusted hands of our paperless documentation and AP Automation experts.

Not only does paperless billing cut down your printing costs, but it also makes it easy for you to search through records. Instead of squatting down in front of your filing cabinet and sifting through folders from three seasons ago, go paperless now to be fully prepared for your next holiday or busiest season. If you need to find something fast, simple keyword searches will deliver what you need.

Improve data security.

An influx of temporary workers can breed chaos in your human resources department. That means things get lost or misplaced and paperwork could get into the wrong hands. No one needs a data breach to add to the holiday season stress.

When you go paperless, your important information is kept safe and secure and out of immediate physical danger. No floods, fires, not even the Grinch can spoil your holiday spirit by compromising important data or company information. 

Ready to go paperless?

As the holiday season brings in more business for retailers, it also brings in unwanted waves of extra paperwork. It’s never too late nor too early to begin the transition from your current HR and accounting systems over to a fast, paperless digital solution. Just think about how much more you can focus on eager customers when you don’t even have to think about the extra paperwork that goes hand in hand with your busy season.

Don’t let the mountain of W4s and other human resource forms steal your joy or your sleep next holiday season. Go paperless with our secure, digital documentation solutions. You can take care of this with one phone call to one of our paperless documentation experts at (603) 625-1171.

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