Elevate the Effectiveness of Your HR Department

By NE Docs | May 1, 2017

Elevate the Effectiveness of Your HR Department

The digital revolution has touched all aspects of the way we do business, making it easier and faster to communicate with associates and get tasks done. From inventory clerks to company presidents, everyone within a business can benefit from using a digital office space. With the amount of employee information being handled, businesses can no longer afford not to be online and processing documents electronically.

Despite the growing prevalence of internet-based document management systems and communication, human resources (HR) departments have been slower than others to join the digital world. Keeping a paper file on every employee seems to be common business legacy but today’s technology renders this practice unnecessary.

HR departments provide vitally important functions within a company such as recruiting new employees, managing payroll, and making sure everyone is productive and happy. Going fully digital provides HR departments with a performance edge to help keep their company functioning more efficiently. New technology exists to give human resources greater flexibility and more control in dealing with employee issues.

No More Paper Pushers!

The volume of documents passing through our country’s HR departments on a daily basis is staggering. As mentioned, HR is responsible for processing job applications, payroll slips, employee reviews and other crucial company documents. Fortunately, there are some excellent cloud-based solutions available to make processing information easier. Data entry accuracy is also improved due to the standardized nature of online documents.

Moving to the cloud has the added benefit of drastically reducing a company’s paper footprint.  Think of all the office space gained by no longer needing bulky file cabinets.  The cloud offers near infinite file storage capacity with everything you need being only a couple clicks away.

Some of the digital technology implemented by Human Resources can benefit others inside and outside the company. For example, employees can update their company profiles in real time. Potential hires can fill out important documents and submit them to hiring personnel as soon as they’re completed. Printing and postage costs are reduced or eliminated, and crucial communications can be carried out much faster. Online tutorials are increasingly used to train new employees. These applications provide real time feedback and help assimilate new hires more quickly.

Socializing Human Resources

Both companies’ and employees’ expectations have changed significantly over the past couple of decades. Digital technology in the workplace demands that productivity increase as it enables communication to occur instantly all over the world. In addition to improving their document management systems, HR managers should strive to create an increased social media presence, on LinkedIn of course, but other platforms as well. This is especially important as millennials populate the workforce.

Unlike the previous baby-boomers and generation X, millennials are conditioned to the instant communication that comes from being online. They are also more likely to need constant validation and require more guidance.

To better attract and retain millennials, it is recommended that HR departments implement continuous assessments and regularly recognize good work. Research from Aberdeen Group reveals that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their most recent job through social media. Another study found that 84% of people surveyed would consider leaving their current job if a more attractive one was available. It is imperative that human resources create a digital culture with a strong social media outreach to engage new generations of workers.

Accessible, Fast and Fluid

HR departments in the 21st century need to be at the forefront of the latest technological trends to help their companies compete, grow and develop in a digitally connected world. In terms of risk versus reward, a fully digital (paperless) HR department is a no brainer. Having all important documents in one easy to search database will significantly reduce the stress levels of everyone in the department as well as improve employee engagement.

Document management solutions from NEdocs can help transform your HR department from a paper-pushing compliance center to an executive-level intelligence and strategy resource. After all, any organization can only be as good as the people it recruits and retains.

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