Email Management: Volume is Not the Problem

By NE Docs | August 17, 2015

Email Management: Volume is Not the Problem
Email management can be a complex problem to deal with. To complicate matters, there is no one solution to address all email related challenges. While there are a number of obstacles you might encounter, most of the advice to be found will tell you to focus on volume and promote ways on how to deal with it.

Email Use VS Email Volume

Email volume is not the primary issue hindering effective email management…it is merely a symptom.

We use email for a number of reasons, all of which affect the volume you will need to handle. Employees are using email to send attachments, reminders, and documents. They are creating filing systems, communicating, and gathering data. Email is by far the most widely used communication platform for offices across the world….yet we almost never discuss how to manage email use.

Unfortunately, many professionals out there have a tendency to use tools beyond their intended purpose…a common issue surrounding email. For example, email can be a great tool for sending files. However, there are better solutions for the management and sharing of documents. An ECM system can encrypt data while providing unlimited/direct access to your documents. So why email a file when it can be accessed, managed, and protected elsewhere?

In order to efficiently manage your email, you must first understand and manage how email is to be used internally. How do your employees use their email?

Instead of improving how we manage volume, we should first take a look at the root causes of this volume and address the specific functions email is providing to your staff.

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