Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for the Government [INFOGRAPHIC]

By NE Docs | July 2, 2014

Enterprise Content Management technology is changing the way companies and the government delivers their services. With an ECM system in place, government entities can now automate many of the laborious document management tasks – allowing them to focus on compliance procedures, internal process improvement, and better prioritize work for their employees.

As this infographic illustrates, there are 3 major ways that an Enterprise Content Management system can improve government workflows.

ECM for Government

How an ECM system benefits government workflow:

  1. Capturing Data: Government agencies are constantly receiving documentation in a variety of formats. Regardless of how a document is received, an ECM system can capture these documents to provide new efficiencies. This allows government entities to better streamline the transfer and organization of important files – and opens the door for a more engaging experience over web and mobile platforms.
  2. Content Management: After the data is captured, documents are then managed through an automated process. With Enterprise Content Management, this information can be routed to the proper employees in order to better distribute and prioritize work. When documents are submitted for a typical process – such as a permit or loan application – simultaneous review can occur as each employee will receive the document and all related information required to perform their function…all at the same time!
  3. Preparing for the Future: ECM allows the government to prepare for the future by improving how individuals engage with them. Through internal workflow improvements, employees can focus on improving government services as the needs of constituents change.

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