Going Full Digital to Increase Sales

By NE Docs | October 13, 2016

Going Digital

Improve marketing and sales performance with a fully digital process.

Every sales manager with successful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experience will tell you that, to fire on all cylinders, continuous input of accurate and current data from every salesperson is required. Call reports, meeting notes, calendars and images should be digitized so all that highly actionable information can be organized to keep your sales force well prepared, either inside the office or on the road.

Ask any HR professional or recruiter about what skills are required for professional salespeople today and it’s likely they’ll include competency in using a CRM system such Salesforce.com or Pipedrive. CRMs are powerful native or cloud-based software programs that organize sales and marketing data to be harnessed for effective sales growth. Virtually all medium and large companies use CRM systems because they work. In fact, fully committed transitions over to all-digital CRMs have fueled many companies to new levels of sales performance and growth they had previously found unachievable. Speed, accuracy and coordination of customer information offers game changing opportunities to sales and marketing teams.

It’s all about the data!

Like any other computer tool, what you put into it and how you use it will determine what you get out of it. Every CRM needs to be fed with the latest sales and marketing intelligence. This includes organically gathered sales data, direct marketing data, news stories and social insights on every human contact and “opportunity” entered into the CRM database.

“Opportunity” is often the term used to describe a potential purchase or new business contract in a particular phase of the sales cycle. Tracking and following up these opportunities using a fully digital CRM significantly increases the likelihood of closing more deals. That’s because multiple opportunities including timely and relevant personal information are visible at a glance. This information can be acted on immediately when the time becomes right to strike – close the deal.

Scan everything to digital files!

Oftentimes, valuable data originates on paper including such items as business cards, flyers, brochures, handwritten notes, printed reports and directories. Scanning everything to digital files – clearly labeled and then organized – gives your sales & marketing teams instant, data-driven intelligence that can be accessed from anywhere. Documents are available in the cloud which lets your people do business anywhere, anytime.

Going “paperless” in the sales and marketing departments might be resisted by some, but the benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience of changing old habits. Your sales and marketing people can more quickly respond to customers and prospects with relevant, personal information that generates welcomed conversations rather than unexpected interruptions.

Using the CRM effectively can help your customers make better buying decisions with respect to your offerings, and your business will obviously benefit from timely sales to new customers and more repeat business. Document scanning services from NE Docs is your simple and fast solution for digitizing your sales and marketing documents and more effectively deploying your CRM system.

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