Going Paperless is a MUST for Virtual Teams

By NE Docs | February 27, 2017

Going Paperless is a must for Virtual Teams

An all-digital office environment fully empowers remote team members to do their best work from anywhere! Just think about how much that is changing the way we do business.

Picture this: You check the weather forecast before going to bed and see that there is going to be a snowstorm moving through your area. It won’t end until sometime tomorrow afternoon. You go to bed that night hoping that the forecast is wrong and the storm will not be as bad as predicted (unless you’re hoping for a day off). Just in case, you wake up early the following morning so you have plenty of time to scrape snow off your car and account for a slow commute. Unfortunately, it is still snowing steadily, with several inches already on the ground. Travelling today might be hazardous. You make the decision to work from home today and hope there is enough for you to do to have a productive day.

Here in New England, we expect adverse weather every winter. That’s just one reason why it is important to always have a remote backup plan in case weather or some other event prevents you from travelling to work. NEDocs offers a variety of digital solutions so you and your coworkers always have access to important files no matter where you are.

In addition to keeping files accessible outside of the office, digital document storage is essential for almost every virtual team. Suppose you are part of a team where members work in separate locations across the country or even around the world. You all must maintain effective communication to complete your assignments.

Remote Cloud Access Empowers Virtual Teams

With ImageSilo, our cloud-based storage system, you can upload, access, and so importantly, edit critical documents. By setting access guidelines and passwords, every member of your team can do these important tasks in real time. Instead of sending physical documents through the mail or logging in to an onsite network, having files available in the Cloud increases internal network bandwidth while reducing postage costs and easing transportation logistics for you and your company.

Paper to Digital Works!

Turning valuable information on paper into digital files is another “must” in moving toward a more efficient or paperless office. Therefore, document scanning services remain crucial for many companies and institutions.

Sometimes it makes sense for scanning to be done in house. Document scanners can work with your existing network, so you don’t need to make any additional investments. For this reason, we offer a wide range of scanners, from compact and portable personal devices to high volume models capable of scanning over 200 pages per minute. Still, in many cases, paper handling and scanning projects are just too large and complex to handle for an in-house document center. That’s where NEDocs can step in at any time during the process. We have the capabilities to handle virtually any size document scanning project.

More People Work Remotely in 2017

Niraj Chokshi writing for the New York Times, points out that forty three percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely, according to a survey of more than 15,000 adults. The implementation of Cloud-based document management systems such as ImageSilo, as well as faster document scanners, combine to provide mobility so people are no longer restricted to their offices to get work done.

More and more we live in an age where you can work anywhere and be productive wherever you go. More home based businesses are being enabled by communication technology and many of those businesses grow into enterprises that will be employing more remote workers. Cloud based document storage and sharing will have a growing role in the offices of today and tomorrow.

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