Historical Preservation Scanning Technology

By NE Docs | March 24, 2022

Historical Preservation Scanning Technology

Digitally preserve old books, documents & artifacts.

If you have rare original books, maps, or other historical artifacts, and want to preserve them for future generations, digitally scanning them may sound like a great idea. However, not every device or scanning service is capable of the results you really want. Typical results are mediocre images at best and in the worst case, your fragile originals are mishandled and damaged.

The Problem with Most Scanners

Most scanning devices and services you find on the market today offer what could be considered “commodity” scanning. They may provide an adequate working copy, but the result is hardly comparable to your original document. This is often because of the less-than-ideal resolution. Some documents cannot be easily scanned because of the shape, size, or binding. In other situations, the document is too delicate to be run through the high-speed scanners commonly used by service providers. If you want a digital result as close to the original as is technically possible, you need the best-in-class scanning technology available today.

Highest Quality Digital Preservation

If you want to preserve old or rare documents, consider working with professionals who have decades of experience in preserving confidential and historical documents and rare books. NEdocs has knowledge with digitally preserving first edition books, lab books, vital statistic records, old magazines, historical photographs, and fragile texts. These artifacts require more attention than ordinary documents, we provide a premium “white glove” digital preservation service that handles your delicate originals and keeps them safe and intact. This service is also useful for any bound books or documents that should not or cannot be scanned through high-speed scanners.

Precious and Delicate OriginalsHistorical Preservation Scanning Technology

NEdocs incorporates the Zeutschel scanner and OmniScan software in its solution to convert your precious old documents into manageable and searchable, high-resolution, digital images.

Our couriers and scanner operators are fully trained in safe handling techniques to take advantage of the Zeutschel’s amazing capabilities for mounting, photographing, and scanning odd-shaped and oversized objects, books, and maps. NEdocs’ historical document preservation customers include state and municipal governments as well as historical associations and organizations.

We’re pleased to utilize a product for our customers that remains at the forefront of preservation technology. Our collaboration contributes to Zeutschel’s stated goal of working “closely with industry experts and leaders in National Archives, libraries, museums and service companies, staying in constant communication and working on digitization projects with teams of archivists, librarians and others tasked with the digital preservation of records and archives. [Zeutschel] Research and Development director is also a working member of various Industry think tanks, such as the international board of ISO/TC42. Finally, all our scanners are put through rigorous testing plans for IS0 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI.”

In summary, NEdocs’ team can skillfully perform historical book and archival scanning most efficiently and with the highest quality images achievable thanks to our premium optical hardware and leading-edge software integration.

For further information about our historical preservation scanning process and how we can help you preserve your valuable originals, feel free to contact us online, or call and speak with an archival scanning specialist at (603) 625-1171.

Historical Preservation Scanning Technology

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